Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yellowstone Vacation

In August Dan's parents took us on a trip to Yellowstone. On the way up we stopped by my dear friend Emalee's house. Emalee was one of my mission companions in Hungary and she's one of the best people I know. She gave me a smokin' hot hair cut and entertained us with her adorable baby Cilee and stories about her colorful Rexburg salon clients. Hair stylists have the best stories.

We took a scenic route to our condo and stopped in Virginia City which was an absolutely adorable old mining town with cute little shops. My only complaint about Virginia City was that the ice cream shop closed 5 minutes before we got there. And also, Coleman and Will kept doing stinky Costco hotdog burps. But I guess that's not Virginia City's fault.

We stayed in Big Sky Montana at a beautiful condo. It was about an hour outside of the park, but the drive was beautiful. We had a hot tub in our room that the kids loved (it was more of a luke-warm tub) and the kids were in heaven spending time with their cousins.

We hiked, got bossed around by park rangers, took lots of pictures, and were amazed by the diversity of nature. Yellowstone is definitely a cool place.

Dan bought the book Death in Yellowstone--about all of the crazy ways people have died in the park. I read it in the weeks after the vacation and it gave me nightmares of  all of the things that could have gone wrong. It was kind of a cool read but mostly horrible and not recommended if you're already semi-neurotic. I don't know if I'll ever be able to return to the park without putting all my children on leashes and bringing a huge can of bear spray.

Old Faithful was pretty great. We waited an hour to see it and right before it blasted off a bunch of tourists came and sat right in front of us. We had previously been on the front row. I don't know who those people thought they were. Maybe they were super special professional line cutters. Yeah, probably.

Grandma bought Maggie this little wolf toy. It is Maggie's favorite toy. It catapulted right past all other toys that have ever been on Maggie's favorite toy radar. Wolfie sleeps on Maggie's bed and wears all sorts of fancy doll dresses. Our kids cried and screamed when we had to leave and head home. But luckily we got to stop and play with Emalee and her husband Dan again. They supplied us with enough giggles to last us the entire drive home.

Yep, that was an awesome vacation.


K said...

Next time you see us, ask us to do our Yellowstone imitation of Japanese tourists - it's just so funny to hear them speaking rapid Japanese and then suddenly say in clear English accent, "Old Faithful" in the middle of it all.

jww said...

That SOUNDS like an awesome vacation!! I love the pictures. (I admit, I'm a little annoyed at the professional line cutters, even though I wasn't even there.) I've been to Yellowstone twice (so you CAN go twice without being eaten by a bear), and I LOVE that place. It's AMAZING!!!


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