Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Simple Life

We haven't taken the kids on any fancy vacations (can you imagine us bringing our Hinckley circus on a plane?) I didn't realize, however, that maybe the deprivation of the luxe life could work in my favor.

This morning when we were in the cheesy Disney section at Pay-less, Will's eyes got all big as he looked at the plethora of Lightning McQueen memorabilia. Then he asked hopefully, "Mom, is this Disneyland?"

I should have let his hopeful dream live on in his heart, but I felt that I needed to tell him the truth. "No son, this is just a shoe store."

Maybe though, I should take him to the Disney Store--that could maybe pass for Disneyland.


Marilyn said...

Awesome. I once tried to tell Sebby that Sprinkler World was like Disney World, but then I didn't have the heart either. Although to him, maybe it was.

C C & R said...

That is awesome! We are taking our little ones to Disney this fall and I'm already nervous!

The Willeyes said...

Hilarious!!! Definitely go for The Disney Store :)

K said...

Actually, at that age - the store counts.

jww said...

Love it! (And ditto the comment above--at that age, the store counts.)


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