Monday, June 13, 2011

Maggie's Fondest Wish

Today while doing Maggie's hair as per her instructions (she is very picky about her hair and fashion, though her opinions can often be out-there), I placed a flower clip on the back of her head.

Then she acted totally put-out and said "But I can't see it."

I reasoned, "You can't see it because its on the back of your head."

And she said, "But I really wish I have a Barbie head so I turn it around and I can see everyfing."

Oh yes, a Barbie head would be fantastic. Or not. Mostly not.

P.S. Or she could have one of these Barbie heads that I saw at Target. The heads and shoulders actually snap off so you can trade them. The whole concept of these really creeps me out. Replaceable heads? No thanks.


K said...

May I very kindly and sensitively say that

K said...

Duh. I didn't finish. I was being too sensitive.

...that Barbie - simply Barbie - creeps me out? She's a little better shaped now, and you can't dislike her after toy story - but you know me. I don't think I own any outfits.

Are the eyelids still totally huge and painted?

Andee said...

You had me laughing out loud on this one! Hilarious! And I hadn't seen those new barbies and I totally agree.... very creepy!

jww said...

Ewww. I have not seen those creepy new Barbies. That is just gross. Very, very wrong. That said, though, I am with Maggie! I would LOVE to be able to turn my head around and see it while I'm doing my hair. It's kinda a swell idea.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Creepy yet funny. I love the things that children say!


EmmaP said...

Just give her a hand-held mirror and let her sit on the bathroom counter and look at the back of her hair with the mirrors. I remember doing that growing up... I could stare at the back of my head for hours. I am surprised I was in the honors classes at school! haha!


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