Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank You

Thank you for the comments, love, support, phone calls, and gracious offers in response to my last post. I even had a dear soul call me about my constipation issues. Now it's a real friend who can call you to discuss your bowels! It helps so much to be reminded that I'm not alone in the struggle of parenthood. It helps a lot to know that I can write about how I feel and get so much love in return.
Thank you. Truly.


jww said...

I'm so glad you've had such an outpouring of support. LOVE that. I do think one of the biggest things we can learn/appreciate is that IT'S NOT JUST ME. I get frustrated and spent and worn, but IT'S NOT JUST ME. Feeling not-so-alone helps me. This is hard for everybody. Rewarding and wonderful, yes, but very hard and draining. And yet at the same time, even though we're all kind of in the same boat, the challenges and responsibilities each mom is given are SO different that we each have to feel our way through and sometimes the best someone can do for us is just hug us and say, "I know," or "Wow, sorry." I'm SO glad that you have so much support. xoxo

Katie Gee said...

The day I read your post I thought about you all day. I wanted to comment but was afraid I wouldn't say the right thing. I loved what K said. Her comment hit home to ME. I wanted to say thank you for posting "The Truth." Because of your post and the comments people made, I felt like you were saying what I couldn't, and the comment-ee's were saying what I needed. So, thank YOU! I feel quite the same way you do (did). Love ya!


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