Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grateful for Grandpa

I am so grateful now for the amazing family that I am a part of. My grandparents raised a family of hilarious, warm, caring, faithful people. I truly love being with my family. Grandpa Rasmussen's funeral was a celebration of what a wonderful man he was and what a wonderful family he created. Before the viewing last week we met at Chuck-a-rama (Grandpa's favorite restaurant) in Gramp's honor. Any time family came to town that was the place he took them, so it was only fitting.

The 3 Susans 

Cole, Courtney, Me, Will, Cam, Dad's back

All the cousins except our missionary Shad were there 

After the funeral on Friday we got together at Grandma's house to play. laugh and enjoy each other. We ate pizza, licorice, and pop because that's what Gramps would have fed us.

3 cute cousins

The whole weekend ended up just how Grandpa would have wanted it.


jww said...

What a lovely post. I love the pictures! How great to have ALL the cousins there except the missionary! I loved the picture of you and your siblings and parents. Love you guys! I think it's awesome you went to Chuckarama and had pizza and licorice. Awesome.

Beth said...

Look at all these beautiful pictures! I haven't seen any of these, so thanks!

Cheeseboy said...

You've been gone for a bit, now I know why. Sorry to hear about your loss. Even though it's sometimes expected, it's always hard to lose a grandparent.

LL said...

What a fantastic picture with all of the cousins.
Looks like a beautiful day!
I'm sorry for your loss!!! Sounds like he will be very missed.

K said...

I remember when you kind of hated the whole Chuck-a-rama thing. Funny how we start to see the meaning in things our younger selves didn't recognize. Beautiful family. Honor to know them.

Sharlyn said...

Looking at the pics, I am reminded of how funerals for Latter-Day Saints kind of turn into family reunions :) Hugs!


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