Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Letter to Santa

For the first time in our family's history, we had 3 children very interested in the Santa business this year. They were still terrified of meeting him in person, of course, but the notion of getting toys from the jolly old elf in exchange for their good behavior fascinated them.

So, one day we wrote him a letter. Well, I wrote, Will colored, Maggie decorated the envelope, and Coleman watched.

Here's what Maggie dictated:

Dear Santa,
Thank you for getting us nice presents. 
[I asked her what she was spelling and 
she said--it means, Santa get me a dolly.]

Will said:

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want a doll. And a train.

Coleman was very direct:

Dear Santa,
Get me a trampoline and a dolly.

The big guy brought everything we asked for.
Lucky kids.


jww said...

My goodness, that is the cutest letter ever. I'm assuming you're going to save it... They'll love it 20 years from now. And so will you. My favorite part is the "QRS, QRB..." but I bet that's everybody's favorite part. :)

K said...

We used to throw the letters into the fireplace to burn, thus going UP the chimney and flying to the North Pole. I also started having the kids write thank you notes to Santa. But that was all when we had a fireplace, and we had Santa. Your letter was ace.


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