Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sibling Gifts

Maggie loves {freezer paper stenciling} almost as much as I do. So, we decided to make some t-shirts for her to give to her brothers for Christmas this year.

We used a cricut cartridge I snagged on black friday (my first successful solo black friday endeavor ever.) After the boys' shirts were completed, she insisted on making a shirt for the boys to give to her. 

Well done, Maggie. Well done.


Kati said...

Yeah! You got a Cricut! Word to the wise--- buy Sure Cuts A Lot. Those fartin' cartridges are way too expensive for my blood! Sure Cuts A Lot is a program for your computer and you can hook up your Cricut to it! I got it about a month ago and am so mad at myself for not buying it earlier and wasting my mula on cartridges! Maggie did a WONDERFUL job!

Cheeseboy said...

Those are pretty cool and creative. Hey, I am following you on Twitter now.

jww said...

I love them all. That Maggie is a dang genius, just like her mom. And score on the black Friday deal--I have never done that. PS. My sis-in-law SWEARS by Sure CutsALot

K said...

STOP. Stop making me want to do things. I'm already doing things, dang it. Or do something I DON'T THINK IS ADORABLE.


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