Monday, October 18, 2010

Acts of Service: 2

Thank You Sweet Old Lady at the Grocery Store,

Today I was pushing the shopping cart, the twins screaming and hitting each other and causing their own little version of mayhem, when you came by and said, "Hi boys!" and smiled at them. They stopped their ruckus and smiled back at you. For a second I was relieved of the stress and frustration and saw my boys as the adorable boys they are. The whole thing lasted only a few seconds, but it was really sweet, and such a kindness on your part. So many people roll their eyes at my crazy gang, but you didn't. Your smile was just what we needed. Thank you for that.


I'm working on gratitude. I think I'm always working on gratitude because I find I can never be grateful enough. I'm working on gratitude for the {personal progress program} at church. Each day for 2 weeks I'll be sharing a quiet act of service I see performed. Join me, if you'd like. 


jww said...

OH, I LOVE IT!!!! Don't people like that make all the difference in the world? Bless her!
P.S. I am doing a follow-up to my last blog post today or tomorrow... sort of an explanation. I don't want to give the impression that it's NOT better now than it used to be, because it definitely is. Anyway, check back later. :) There IS hope, I promise!!

Cheeseboy said...

I'm pretty sure that someone somewhere just spoke on gratitude.

Pam Williams said...

I love people with grace in public places! They are surely heaven-bound and they give us all hope.

Ginna said...

Love this one too, it almost made me cry. What a sweet lady and she had no idea what that meant to you.


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