Friday, September 24, 2010

Our New Addition

When Maggie's fish, Maggie (that's what she named it), died I took the opportunity to talk to her about death, spirits, bodies, resurrection, and a few other death related topics. I thought it went well. But since then Maggie's been a little confused.

"My fishy come alive. Where is it?" she asked me today.

I explained that it wasn't time for the resurrection quite yet, but asked her if maybe she would like to get a new fish. That did it. We were in the car headed for Petsmart.

We picked out a lovely red beta with a swoopy tail, and then thought we'd dress up our fish bowl with some new rocks and a stick of bamboo. Why not?

Then disaster struck. In Maggie's zeal to help lift our items on to the check-out counter, she dropped the cup the fish was in, the water and the fish spilling out onto the floor. I panicked, shoved the fish back into the cup, and yelled "WATER! WE NEED WATER!" I'm sure everyone thought I was a freak until they realized I had a fish. Our clerk was a dear and ran to save our be-gilled buddy. He calmly took the cup to the fish department and returned with his cup full, and the beta was swimming around happily.

Close call.

I asked Maggie what we should name it, and while she was thinking, I prompted, "Maybe we could name him Cosmic Swoop?" That was the name of the fish that Dan and I got when we were first married. Maggie liked the idea and said, "Yeah! Cosmic Poop." I like to call him C.P.

Welcome to the family, C.P!

P.S. I got a new camera!


Sharlyn said...

Cosmic poop! LOL, love it!

MommyJ said...

A girl named Maggie naming her fish Maggie is hilarious. Almost as funny as a fish named cosmic poop!

Vhari said...

Awesome name Maggie! I wish I had such an awesome fish! I love the new camera Megs. Great pictures.

EmmaP said...

total Maggie! love it!

K said...

Cosmic Poop. When it's right, it's right.

jww said...

A friend of mine had some critter (grasshopper or something??) that died, so she put it in an envelope to wait 3 days for the resurrection. It was the funniest thing. Anyway, I am glad that CP's life was spared there in Petsmart and that you get to have a pretty fish at home. Not to mention a new camera with which to take pictures of said pretty fish.

The Willeyes said...

I love it! Can't wait to hear about your new camera :)

Cheeseboy said...

We had one of those fish that lived forever. Seriously, the thing would not die. I hope yours has the same fate.


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