Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jelly in my Belly

I have found a new love. No, my heart is not wandering from my dear Daniel. My heart has just learned to make jam. I love it. I get some fruit. I add some pectin. I stir in some sugar. Then I pour it in a jar, cook it, and wa-la! Jam!

After learning the jelly making process with the grapes from our yard, I kicked it up a notch and became a jalapeno jelly making fool. Then that became tame, so I concocted a few basil jellies. Then I came up with some new jalapeno jam combinations.

Seeing all these little jars lined up on my pantry shelf just makes me smile. And spreading those jams on my toast makes me smile even more. I think I'll cook up a few more batches tomorrow.


jww said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!! And as if the jam itself weren't impressive enough.... look at the dang cute labels. AH!

The Willeyes said...

and...they are DELICIOUS :) You are amazing!

Sharlyn said...

You're awesome! Cute labels, I use a Sharpie, I'm so boring ;-)


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