Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Woulda Blogged About the Huge Pile of Dirt in our Driveway...

But the camera's broken. I tried taking pictures of the big hole Dan dug and the resulting dirt mound in the driveway, but the camera, which has been slowly dying for the past 2 months, is now very dead.

So you wouldn't appreciate the fact that I made a lovely sign that said "Free Dirt" and that people actually came and got it. That surprises me. Dan asked me to make the free dirt sign and I thought, "Really? you think people want some other people's dirt?" And the answer is: yes, they do.

So, here's hoping we get a new/fixed/functioning camera soon and we get rid of the dirt pile and the gravel pile that are making my driveway nonfunctional. If you need some of either of those products, please contact me.


jww said...

Bummer about the camera. :( Yeah, free dirt... who woulda thought people would want it? Did you see Amy's blog recently where she had a driveway full of assorted concrete blocks that she put on craig's list and people actually paid HER to take her junk out of her yard. Aren't people amazing?

Hopefully you'll be able to take a picture of the final product of whatever Dan is working on and blog about it THEN.

K said...

I personally love free dirt. Wish I'd seen the sign.

Tia said...

Are you kidding me? I've already spent $600 for dirt and still need $600 more for my dang yard landscaping! Dirt isn't dirt cheap (I am so dang funny aren't I?)

Pam Williams said...

We built our Richfield house on a nice garden spot thinking we would have grass and trees in no time. However, the builder had the good topsoil hauled away, and when we needed some to do our landscaping, he said, "I know just the place." Then he brought in truckloads of soil from a construction site on the west side of town, which was more like dust and would support only sagebrush. Every blade of grass, every tree, every carrot, every flower we ever got out of that soil was an Adam-and-Eve struggle. I guess it all depends on your definition of top soil.

As for cameras, we are looking for a good one to take on our cruise next spring. Our last adventure with a camera on a cruise was totally embarrassing. We are the definition of electronically challenged. And we're kind of special, too, because we need a camera compatible with an iMac.


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