Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today I started the day {getting shredded by Jillian Michaels} and contemplating signing up for a 10K.

Then I read the scriptures for 10 minutes.

Then I stuffed the kids full of yogurt for breakfast and took them to play with cousins for an hour.

We visited Great Grandma and Grandpa Ras.

When Coleman crushed up a package of graham crackers I didn't know he had, and poured the crumbs down the stairs, I didn't scream. I made him hold the vacuum hose and clean it up.

Maggie just came in and told me all about how her toy boat is just like {the boat Nephi made}. She actually is picking up on some of the stuff I try to teach her.

And went to the library and played at the park.

It was a much better day. I owe it to your sweet encouragement, my own conscious effort to change my bad attitude, and God's answers to my frustrated "help me now!" prayers.

Prayer works.


MommyJ said...

Amen, and amen.

Run the 10k!! I'm running one in August. Oh dear. Now I've said it out loud. That means I'm accountable!

jaydubdub said...

I'm glad it was a better day. :) (Cute picture of the boys.)

K said...

And thus it goes - one foot in the boat and one on the shore. I like the way you described this day. Seeing the small magic, the tiny improvements, recognizing the tender mercies - they add up to a better day.

You didn't scream. I'm going to give you a prize for that. If I can think of one.


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