Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Favorites, Casual Blogger Conference Edition

As mentioned, last weekend while my wonderful husband took over the housewifery, I attended the Casual Blogger Conference. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but that's not a bad thing. I loved learning about how blogs are connecting people and lives and how I can play a larger role in the blogging world.

Here are some new blogs/bloggers I was introduced to and some of the things I learned from them:
  • Sarah Kimmel is a genius and a nice person. She runs two successful blogs/businesses {} and {}. She talked about Search Engine Optimization and how to drive traffic to your blog. I had heard of SEO, but I had no idea what it was. I've decided that I want to know more about it--so I'm setting a goal to learn how the stuff works. So excited. I sat by Sarah during the community sessions of the conference and enjoyed whispering witty remarks back and forth. 
  • On the last night of the conference Heather King read {a post that she had written} about bringing her first newborn home from the hospital. It was so honest and beautiful I was so moved by it. If the only thing I had heard at the conference was that 5 minute reading, I would have been a changed person. Then, I came home after the conference and have fallen in love with her blog {} . She blogs about overcoming alcohol addiction, being a mother, and embracing the good in the world. 
  • I met sisters {Jenny} and {Emily} on my first evening at the conference and they were so friendly. It probably helped that both of them have twins so we silently bonded knowing exactly what that entails and that we have all survived it thus far. I loved hearing them speak about staying true to yourself and discovering your own voice as a blogger. They said to blog how you speak, which is what they do- smiles and sarcasm and all.
  • Casey Mullins was the first person I talked to at the conference. I had no clue who she was. No clue that she is an amazing photographer and enormously popular/successful blogger at {}. What did I know about her then? Her eyes smile, she is very friendly and outgoing, and she remembers everybody's names. Now, I love her blog. Why? She gets it. She blogs honestly about infertility, depression, Indy car racing, and being a mother. She knows life really stinks sometimes. But she knows people are good. And sometimes you can feel a lot better about life by making fun of it with rhetoric.
p.s. If you need a giggle for your weekend, check out {my little bro's blog} where he highlights 3 of his favorite commercials. Used double wide trailers and bad haircuts? I'll take several of each!


MommyJ said...

Best description I've heard of the little zing that links you to other mothers of twins.

I love Heather too. She's so amazing and so completely sincere. I remember thinking her eyes were really bright... like her hope and goodness is literally bursting from the inside out.

Heather said...

Oh for goodness, you have me all weepy. You and Mommy J up there. I'm just speechless.

thank you!!!

Heather said...

oops. I forgot to login. This is Heather King. okseeyabye

Kristina P. said...

Man, I wish I had been there to hear Heather's post.

It was so nice to meet you! I'm glad you came. It was such a great conference. So many great women.

The Mother Huddle said...

Megan, I have to start with my husband is an engineer too. That makes us connected, no?!
Seriously no one understands unless they are married to one!
My husband is buying a car right now and he just brought out spread sheets for the love of pete!!!!

Thank you so much for your great comment and stopping by, it was so great to meet you!

Kami said...

Hi Megan! I'm so glad I got to meet you. It was a great conference, and I'm so glad I went.

JJ said...

Thanks for bringing me to Moosh in indy. I have been looking for a while for someone out there who feels the same way about infertility!

Thank you!


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