Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Love My Mother Because.... by Vhari Macbeth

Karen Stewart is Martha Stewart's twin. She can craft anything. I had
the most amazing birthday parties, school projects, hand-sewn dresses
and nightgowns, bows etc. (Unfortunately I did not inherit this gene).

She would sing and dance and I loved it, even though I pretended to be
embarrassed in front of my friends.

She made EVERY birthday awesome. I felt SO special! She would make me muffins complete with candles and singing in the early morning before
school. Make a special school lunch, decorate complete with balloons,
serve my favorite dinner complete with a birthday cake and carefully
select and hide the perfect present.

She's a saint. She does everything until it's perfect and kills
herself doing it. She can't say no and single-handedly takes care of
the entire neighborhood and family.

Most of all I love her because she's my mom and she sacrificed
everything to be just that.

(This is a picture of my mom taken by my dad when they were dating.)

Vhari and I have been friends since Mr. Day's Geometry class in 8th grade. We really bonded over finding cosines I guess. Since then, we've stayed close through college and then becoming mothers ourselves. She has 2 adorable girls and a fantastic husband (who I've also known since jr. high). Vhari's mom rocks, just as she said. And that picture is the bee's knees! Happy Mother's Day!


LL said...

That picture is priceless!
She sounds (and looks) like a FUN lady.

Meridee said...

I love this picture. And I want to hang out with your mom Vhari. Maybe we could have a mom/daughter party and get to know each other. She looks like my kind of girl.


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