Sunday, May 16, 2010

Casual Blogger Conference

I won a ticket to the Casual Blogger Conference. That means I'm going. I'm at once thrilled and terrified at the prospect. 

Blogging is a hobby that I really enjoy and spend time doing, but its also something that is really non-confrontational to me. Its like real life with a filter. You can choose to put your best self on your blog: your clean room, your folded laundry, your wonderful witty children, your amazing party, your adorable new craft. And you can choose to put your worst day on your blog. And if you're like me you'll do both. But the best part is, you can choose.

Going to the conference takes the filter out. I won't be able to choose what others think of me. I won't have the ability to edit what I say or how I will be perceived. Plus, I'll be attending alone (Ah! I rarely even go to the bathroom alone anymore let alone a 2 day conference) and I already feel really vulnerable about it. And, I'll probably see all sorts of "big time" bloggers and get all nervous.

Anyway, I'm excited to learn things about blogging, meet new people, and celebrate the blogging medium--'cause really it is great.

Are you going to the conference? Do you know anyone who is? 
Will they/you want to be my friend?
Have you attended something like this? Any advice?


Cheeseboy said...

That's really cool. Congratulations. Didn't they just have one of these? I swear they did.

amy said...

You won't be alone Megan- I'LL BE THERE!! And my sister is one of the speakers, so I'll need someone to sit by. I signed up for all the photography classes. I can't wait for this actually!

LL said...

well FUN!
I can't wait to hear all about it.
We just have a little MLB here in Boston (mormon lady bloggers) we get together and LAUGH and EAT every couple months.
Hooray for blogging and all the good that comes from it.

Amy said...

Wow--I didn't even know they had stuff like this conference out there.

Well, I've met you in person even and I don't think you'll have any problem with the impression you'll make. :)

jaydubdub said...

I have never heard of anything like this, but it sounds SO COOL, and you have nothing at all to be nervous about!! I'm glad to see someone is going, too. I would want that if it were me. I have no advice (yes, you're welcome), but I totally agree with you about how a blog is life with a filter. Even the bad days, you write things after you've calmed down. And that's one of the things I love about it. It helps me think. Anyhoo... have so much fun and then come back and tell us all about it. SO COOL!! :)

RhondaLue said...

If I were going I'd want to sit by you! How fun. And yes, I'd be terrified too. Actually I don't think I could go alone-I'd have to arrange to meet up with some other terrified blogger at the very beginning so we could be blog conference buddies the whole time.


K said...

It seems so strangely contradictory, doesn't it? Real time voices. How weird.


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