Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Are You Tired of Freezer Paper Stencils Yet?

'Cause I'm sure not!

And Maggie painted this one:

Her paint smudges actually are my favorite part. She so proud of it.


jwise said...

No, I am definitely not tired of freezer stencils!! Every time I see one of your posts, I think "THAT is the cutest one so far." And it didn't fail.... I think THIS is the cutest one so far!! (Looks like you used a Cricut, too!! I have that same cartridge. VERY VERY cool!) I, too, like Maggie's splotches. Adorable.

Sharlyn said...

Keep 'em coming! So cute! One of these days I hope to get organized enough to give it a try :)

Katie Gee said...

How could you EVER get tired of it! I love them all! I thought Maggie's paint smudges were soooo cute. Then I read that it was your favorite part and that made me smile.
I showed my husband your creations and he thought they were cool too!!

K said...

Mucho cuto. Go MAGGIE!!


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