Monday, May 10, 2010

5 kids 3 and Under

Today a salesman came to my door selling Book of Mormon videos. I'm sure they were a wonderful product. I love the Book of Mormon. I love videos. But I had to inform the man I had no time.

"I still get paid a commission just for doing the presentation, even if you don't buy it, " He said using a tactic I'm not sure his employer would appreciate, but whatever.

"You know what?" I asked, "I've got 5 kids here, the oldest is 3 and in the kitchen I just might be burning their Mac n Cheese, so I'm not lying when I say I really don't have time."

His eyes got all big and I closed the door with a hurried smile.

And that was my morning.

Since my darling sister-in-law Beth had her darling baby girl last week, and today was my brother's first day going back to work leaving her at home alone with the hooligans, I offered to take my nieces Clara (3) and Mary (2) for the morning. I packed them in my SUV and drove them to my house while Maggie and Clara argued over what Disney songs I should play (it got very heated over Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty. The princess won).

But once we got to our house, the children went into the backyard and played and played and played and I actually was able to clean my kitchen and go to the bathroom without an audience. How is it that 5 babies can be easier than 3? There were the all-out brawls when everyone wanted to play with the doll stroller at the same time, Will threw the tea set down the stairs, and Coleman repeatedly smacked Mary in the head. And then there was the moment with the salesman when all the kids were crying for Macaroni. But really it was an easier week day morning than I've had in a while.

Mary and Clara, you're welcome back any time!


Ginna said...

They are all SO adorable. I bet Beth really appreciated it. You're a bit of a saint, did you know that? Just the THOUGHT of five kids under 3 makes me hyperventilate a little bit--unless I could watch them with you of course! :)

jwise said...

Well, I think the key is that SOMETIMES 5 is easier than 3. And it's because they have playmates and not just competitors. Good for you for doing it!! You're always so good to Beth (and she to you!)

K said...

I'm with Gin. Saint material. I'd chew off my own foot before I'd watch anybody else's kids. There, the truth.

Those videos? I always have had a problem with them. I don't like the stories being told by somebody's script - making the people characters, and supplying motivations and tones of voice that are m ade up and maybe far from the truth. And giving them bodies and faces and movements that may be so far from what really happened, and what the scriptures really mean. And our children grow up watching that made-up stuff over and over and see those things in theirt heads when they read the scriptures, and think they already know the stories. I think it's like graven images, myself - a human setting in storne of things that the humans never saw with their own eyes. And what's more, wouldn't have understood completely if they HAD seen them. Any more than we understand each other on a daily basis.

I don't like em.

Amanda D said...

I had someone come by to sell me those a couple of months ago. He used the same line on me. Whatever.

Cute, adorable kids.

Tigersue said...

I have a different point of view. I loved the movies. My children understood the stories better than most adults after watching them. Natasha's favorite was Elisa, can you imagine that? I never would think a child would understand who Elisa was and his story but she knew it better than a man who wanted to be a Catholic Priest.

What I do hate about it is the cost. They were expensive and you can't just buy one at a time, or pick and choose. You are locked into a set. That to me is a problem. Let me the consumer pick the ones I want when I want them. :)

I didn't use them everyday, but children know them as "church" shows. They could watch them on Sundays before church. I can say it came in handy when church starts at 1PM. There arguing and bickering was much lower than when they didn't watch them.

I don't care of the "silly" characters that they seem to put in the shows. Over all, I am glad we made the purchase and I don't see anything wrong with watching it in general. Anytime we watch something with a "biblical theme" it is someone's imagination of what happened. Are we going to avoid movies like "Ben Hur", "The Robe", "The Ten Commandments"? Should we avoid Church made movies of Christ for the same reason?

Beth said...

That was the nicest thing, Megs! I mean it! I slept for two hours and then I still had an hour to do whatever I wanted. It was such a nice day and such a great service. You are a saint, without a doubt.

Rob and Marseille said...

my parents just gave me a huge set that someone was getting rid of. vhs, not dvd, but it's fun to get them out everyonce in a while.


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