Monday, April 26, 2010

Talent Show

So, I've been in charge of organizing a talent show for our church youth group. I've been preparing all month--getting kids to sign up, practicing a milli vanilli lip sync number (does anybody else think the irony in that is hilarious?), planning the line-up and fancy emcee goodness between numbers, and making a few decorations to spice up the plain jane gymnasium (we don't even have a stage).

I've basically been stressing about the dang thing for a solid month, and I'm getting sick of having to harrass all of the kids to sign up to share their talents. One particular kid, who plays bass in a band, has been avoiding signing up. But tonight he paid me a really nice compliment when, after telling me no for the  3rd time, he said "Sister Hinckley,  if girls could be studs, that's what you'd be."


Hopefully this stud can pull off a good show.


Cheeseboy said...

That is the highest compliment any women could receive from a teenaged boy.

RhondaLue said...

dude...that IS a compliment!

The appreciation may be low...but what you are doing is a marvelous work. Don't underestimate your efforts. These events for the youth mean a LOT to them, whether or not they admit it.

jwise said...

Hey, good for you. That really is a compliment. (P.S. My hand shot straight up when you asked if anybody else thought the irony of a Milli Vanilli lip synch was hilarious. It's just too bad those kids aren't old enough to know HOW hilarious!!)

EmmaP said...

dude -- what a stud. the other day, i was NOT near my beloved McDonalds for my $1.08 diet coke. Instead I had to do a Wendy's drive-thru. The KID at the window handed me my drink and said, "Here ya go, Doll!" hahahahaha! It was during the day, so I don't think he could have been more than 19 years old or so. But it sure made my day! I felt total studness!

Anyway - I am sure your Talent Show will be totally awesome because you soooo know how to rock clever! But if for some freak-out reason it doesnt... just Blame It On the Rain! hahahahaha! (I couldn't resist!)

Good luck, Stud!

Marilyn said...

Do you take your talent-show-planning show on the road? I love youth talent shows, but I don't want to be in charge of planning one for our ym/yw. I'm not studly or conserja enough.

K said...

Yep. I remember the great day when I got my best compliment ever from one of my student: Ms. Randle, you're totally bi--chin'."

Take the love and respect in the language of the giver.
And really, you ARE studly!!

Tigersue said...

I can tell my son is not related to me! Ha, ha. I kept nagging him all day yesterday to practice and what he was going to do. As usual it was all last minute even up to the moment he got on stage. Doing that would give me an ulcer faster than the one I get stewing about it all.

Sharlyn said...

Sharlyn chants....Picture, picture, picture!!


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