Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best Stuff on the Internets

Last week I didn't write, but I did read. And here's a round-up of the things that made me think or laugh or wet myself during the past week or so.

  • Berkley's {make-up tutorial}. After you're done learning how to get gussied up, then keep reading because this girl's entire blog is hysterical. It will make you laugh and then it will make you wish you were that funny. I wish it constantly. 
  • {LL's post she wrote for Segullah} about living in Utah or not living in Utah. Basically it's about being open to the spirit to guide your life, even if it's not what you'd ever envisioned. 'Cause maybe you're supposed to end up on a farm across the country from where you thought you'd be. Good read.
  • Kacy's 2 part series {Obvious Tips for Not-Very-Good Homemakers}. Her tips are hilarious and the comments on her posts are just as good. If anything, it was therapeutic to know I'm not the only one faking my way through this housewife business. Seriously. 
  • My sister in law, Jill, just bought her first Beatles CD. Stop by, {read about it}, and congratulate her.  But don't mind the comments where Dan called me a music snob. I don't think I'm a music snob. My blog is named after a Hanson song and I own 6 Ricky Martin CDs for Pete's sake. I think Dan's just sore about the time I bought him a Beatles T-shirt for our first Christmas together and found out he didn't even know their names. I felt very sorry for him that day.
  • I don't know how to make bread, but when I'm ready to try, {Marilyn took the time} to tell me exactly how to not do it and why, and then how to do it and why. Saving me years of time. Bless you for it, Marilyn. 
What blog posts were your favorites lately?


LL said...

i feel like a celebrity! thanks.
i read the first link and LAUGHED. that girl is hilarious. I look forward to reading the other links!

jwise said...

Well, I have to say that I didn't have any favorite blog posts until I read these!! There are not even words for how hilarious Berkley's was, and Kacy's was awesome. Too, too funny. I agreed 1,000% with LL's, as I have not lived in Utah since like 1994 or something. Thank you for sharing those!! I'm going to have to "favorite" those and go back and read them over and over. Dang funny.

K said...

I have so many favorites now, I'm on a par with the people who spend their days keeping up with soap operas. You get fat when you sit this much. Dang it.

faking it through the housekeeping thing? Oh, yeah! And through the parenting thing, the writing thing, the owning a business thing - even the church thing, in so many ways. maybe improvising is a better word.

Marilyn said...

When I come into money (I have Great Expectations, you know) the first thing I'm going to do is buy Beth one-a-them grass green kitchenaid mixers. And then NEXT thing I'm going to do is buy YOU one, so you can make my bread. What color would you like? Perhaps an orange the exactou shade of your coffee table?


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