Monday, March 22, 2010

Potato Salad

Picture of Potato Salad Recipe

There are so few things that my dear mother doesn't do. She quilts, sews, cooks, bakes, paints, knits, crochets, teaches, reads, babysits, and sometimes even cleans. But she doesn't make potato salad.

I remember her telling me, "Both of your grandmas make such good potato salad, that we can just leave it up to them." And we could. And we did. But we can't anymore.

So, today I did it. I made my first batch of potato salad ever. It wasn't Grandma's or anything, but it was pretty good. This might be the beginning of something great.

Recipe and picture found {here}.


jwise said...

Mmmm... sounds good!! Grandma's potato salad WAS excellent indeed!! I'm glad you found a good recipe you like, though, so you can still enjoy potato salad. I have a "different" recipe which calls for red potatoes (skins on) and dill. If you ever want it, let me know. It's yummy.

Jill_ums said...

Did you actually put capers in it? Looks good.

What's a caper, anyway?

Rachel said...

Your mom doesn't make potato salad? I bet if she tried she'd make a pretty darn good batch!

Yay for trying and it turning out pretty darn good. That's always encouraging! :D

RhondaLue said...

It LOOKS delish! Way to go!

The Willeyes said...

I {heart} my moms potato salad. I have tried to make it...but it is never the same. It's one of my favorite things about summer BBQ's :) Yay for you!

K said...

Yeah. I used to make it for the summer picnics when you guys would come over. Remember sliding down the hill on the plastic? Remember the huge screw pipe? Yes, well - I stuck everything in mine - potatoes, onions (regular or scallions), shavings of carrot, bacon, cheese and I'd stick in a dollop of red wine vinegar now. But those were the days before I started expanding. NO potato carbs for me now. Sad.


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