Monday, March 15, 2010


There is no such thing as a triple jogging stroller. Really.

It could possibly be called the triple bone crusher.

The hilarity wagon.

Sweatin' to the toddlers.

Granted, my neighborhood is very hilly, but I came close to passing out a couple of times from pushing nearly 90 pounds of kid around the block. Jogging? Not even close.

I do believe that my cousin Emily manages to run with one of these triple bone crushers, but even though I've recently lost some weight and turned my body over to Jillian Michaels... I'm not up to that challenge. Probably won't ever be. 

Good thing I got the stroller for free 'cause if I'd spent money on the contraption I might be a little upset.


Rachel said...

If it were me.....beings as I'm married to an engineer.....I'd have my hubby put some sort of a motor in that thing! Kinda like a push mower that pushes itself!

jwise said...

Yeah.... just pushing the thing has to be a workout--forget running!! (...ouch)

RhondaLue said...

geez, my double stroller gave me enough trouble, forget turning the thing!

C C & R said...

I can't imagine kills me!

Rob and Marseille said...

well you need something to strap 3 kids to!

K said...

Think of it not so much as jogging - as weight training.


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