Thursday, March 18, 2010

Holy Hannah

Today at Costco, I tried these dark chocolate covered pomegranates.
Brookside Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranates - 2 Pounds

I didn't buy them because I knew if I did I would have eaten the entire 2 pounds in the parking lot (if I even made it that far). They're dangerously good.


Tia said...

Holy Hannah is right! I just got back from Costco and just sampled these myself. I had the same reaction, "I can't buy these or I'll eat the entire bag!" Yum, yum.

Katie Gee said...

You know though... dark chocolate is the best kind for you and pomegranates are sooo rich in antioxidants. I say go for it!

Emily said...

Mmm I had some of those at Trader Joes! And luckily they come in smaller than 2 lb packages!

K said...

Hmmm. I wanna go by Costco and sample these, then buy the bag AND EAT THE WHOLE TWO POUNDS OF IT. We bought cocoa almonds at Sam's last week, and we haven't eaten them all yet, but it's not for not trying. GOOOOOOOD.

Pam Williams said...

What I've fallen for is chocolate covered pieces of prunes. Yeah. Yum to the max. Chewy and chocolatey and satisfying.


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