Wednesday, February 10, 2010

14 Days of Love: by Emily Kate

When I was doing my student teaching at the university pre-school I was entrusted with a dozen TAs who were awesome girls who also wanted to be teachers and were hoping to get into the teaching program. My job was to figure out what I was supposed to do and then to tell them what they were supposed to do. Luckily for me, those girls were angels. And one of the most angelic, and talented, and willing among them was Emily Kate. She and I would talk about the children's books we loved (God bless {Junie B. Jones}), bounce ideas off of each other, and laugh about stuff like {Frightmares at Lagoon}. 3 years later I found her blog and loved hearing about her teaching expertise and adventures in New York. Now, she's in Vegas, expecting a baby, and still running {an adorable blog}.
Here's what Emily loves:

1. Going on dates with my handsome husband

2. Doing anything in New York City. Anything!

3. Singing along to my iPod while driving in the car

4. Glimpsing the Salt Lake valley from above when I fly in for a visit

5. Chocolate. Cold from the fridge, frozen from Serendipity, hot from Grom, in any form from Max Brenner

6. Feeling my baby kick, move, dance

7. Watching a comedy with my dad and his infectious laugh

8. A lovely romantic period movie (Bright Star, Becoming Jane, The Young Victoria)

9. Traditions old and new

10. Collecting charming children’s literature

11. When the sink is completely empty of dishes

12. Getting something delightful in the mail

13. Walking around the farmers market sipping apple cider

14. A new book that I can’t put down


LL said...

reading #4 made me a little homesick. I can SO relate, I LOVE that view from the airplane!

jwise said...

Nice list!! I can "ditto" most of those. :)

Janssen said...

What a great list! I love getting the mail.

K said...

Sometimes, when we fly home from - maybe from Dallas? We fly directly over my barn and horse pasture. It's so cool. My life in miniature! And babies dancing. And kids' books. And a clean kitchen (rare enough here). Yes. I like your world.


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