Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Letter Wall

Realizing that this is not a new idea and {Design Sponge} and {Ohdeedoh} home tours feature these sorts of things every 15 seconds, I've thought that it would be really cool to collect letter H's and put them up on our wall like this:

image from {here}

So, I went and did it. I still want to add more, of course, but this is a start. Pretty cheery, eh?

The lower case H on the wall is from a reflective high way sign (I bought it on {ebay}) so it sometimes doubles as a disco ball at parties and such (not really, but that's a good idea). I've had my eye on {this H} from Anthropologie for a long time now, but I'd settle for {the smaller one}. I'm going to have fun collecting, I think.

p.s. shouldn't everyone have a portrait of Napoleon Dynamite on display in their home?


Aly said...

I love letters. I have a collection of A's myself and have them on a shelf at work.

I really don't need more things to collect, but I always seem to find new things to collect.

Ginna said...

Very cheery, I really like the way they look! Keep adding. I love the reflective one.
And Napoleon of course.

Emily said...

If I made you a ceramic one would you want it big or small, what color? lower case upper case? I have been wanting to play with letters lately this would be fun more me. would you let me make you one? I have a ton of colors...let me know. please I really want to do this for ya!:O)

PS this is Emily your cousin - there are a lot of Emilys in the world.

Emily said...

for me not more me :)

Jenny said...

you could totally make that letter H that you want from anthropolgie. i'm not exactly sure how it would work, since i've never done it...but go to Roberts or Michaels -- get your letter H and try 1 of 2 things. get the right kind of spray paint or try silver leafing it. i think it would be less expensive than $98 at least. it may be worth the try. who knows.

K said...

I like the Hs and I like the idea of grouping. But I have to admit, the gathered and grouped "K" collection really calls to me.

chelsea said...

i love it, i especially love the color of your lamp and the frame around the chalk board! spray painted? and I made freezer paper onesies!! thanks for the link they turned out so cute, ill have to post pictures

jwise said...

so cute! You have such artistic talent!


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