Thursday, January 28, 2010

January's Getting Me Down

I don't think I like winter--besides the holidays Christmas and Thanksgiving, oh and Valentine's Day. Winter is cold. It's dark. It's even colder. Then it's even darker.

And then I realize that I've been inside my house for days at a time. And then I realize that my house is really dirty. So then I clean some of it, then the kids go into those rooms and they're even dirtier than they were before. Then I think "I just really shouldn't clean anymore." So I don't. Then I look around and am disgusted with myself and my house.

What to do? (Don't say clean, please don't say clean).

Today {Marilyn} blogged about a {really good post} she read about planning activities to get you through to Spring. (Yes, I'm blogging about someone who blogged about someone else's blogging so you know that the original post really was worth reading).

Sad thing is, though, when I thought about what plans I wanted to get me through February the only things that came to mind were:
  1. going to Disneyland for a week.
  2. hiring a full-time housekeeper who cooks, cleans, and changes diapers.
Sadly: no money in the budget for such endeavors.

What plans do you have to get you through to Spring? Want to invite me to join you?


K said...

I am the same. And maybe you have that light-deprivation thing. G has it. No light = no hope and joy. Plus twins. Plus Mags. I think this is why Spring cleaning is so legendary - the mother throws open the windows, chucks out children, rugs, everything and starts to beat the winter out of walls and floors windows and furniture.

I'm not sure that would work for me. I can live in the house without seeing it. But when i clean, I DO see it, and I always end up really depressed, overwhelmed and grumpy.

my word is wyndlyty. That's good for something.

Holli and Billy said...

Ugh... I totally loathe January. I am glad January is almost over! I need ideas too. I think you need to come down this way and have a cupcake date. Free zoo days. Library. Kangaroo Zoo. Arctic Circle playland. A trip to Disneyland sounds wonderful. I may just pack my bags and leave...

Marilyn said...

Ugh, I know!! Everything that sounds fun _enough_ takes money! Like a trip to warmer climes. But really, long drives (like, drive to Santaquin and back) with music and good things to eat help me. Will your kids fall asleep? It's only fun if they'll fall asleep (or be quiet) so you can talk to the other adult in the car. I guess that costs gas, but it's less than Disneyland, and you can do it every weekend if necessary.


jwise said...

No, I will not say "clean." My advice is not to "clean." That is what (personally) is the most depressing. You work & work & work and it's all undone faster than you can say, "Holy crap!" Whatever you do to stop making your messy house drive you crazy, the answer is most definitely NOT "clean it." (I have a sign on my wall that says "Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing." Amen.)

Anyway, since I don't have toddler twins, I don't feel like I have much advice, except spend time without them so you can enjoy spending time with them. Babysitter?? Naps?? Swaps with other moms?? I don't know. But SOMETHIN'. And find something you love and do it during that time. Bake, craft, go out cupcaking, scrapbook (it's easy on the Heritage Makers website I use because it's all online, so if you only have 10 minutes, you can work for 10 minutes without pulling out paper, scissors, and all the rest). Anyway, find something you enjoy and have fun with it. And keep bloggin'. :)

the fellers said...

I dont have any plans, but you can join me in doing nothing, we can take turns having our kids make each other's houses messy! k?

EmmaP said...

I am NOT a fan of winter! truly. I despise it -- and I even WORK outside the house, so I am NOT couped up like you! Still hate it. as someone who used to be on prozac, I can feel depression coming at me from every angle dring the winter; tugging and tugging, trying to drag me down. I switched to paper plates, cups, disposable utensils, etc. Not because I am against going green -- but I cannot STAND dishes. and cleaning in the winter is the worst! Recipes are about the only thing that keeps me going this time of year. I like to cook -- so I scour the internet and cookbooks and look for new recipes. I like crock pot recipes, because a) the food practically cooks itself and b) the yummy smells throughout the house all day long! it helps a little. I have to MAKE myself pick up a good book, or re-watch a fav DVD or turn my iPod on. I exercised last week, but the air quality sucks, and I'm prone to bronchial coughs. anyway... a girls night? would that help? should we plan one???? :)
The woods cros gang misses you!!!


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