Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Every Mother Should Know

These crayons are amazing. I know because last week I found that Maggie had decorated the ledge that runs around our entire family room with black crayon. I got her a rag and some cleaner and set her to wiping it off and you know what? It came off like a dream. A dream I tell you.

The scene was repeated today with green crayon on the toilet. Came off with a baby wipe.

Now's where you start thinking to yourself, "Why doesn't the woman teach her children not to do that? or at least take away the crayons?" And those are good thoughts. I'm thinking them, too. And if I weren't so darn tired, I might actually act on those thoughts. In the meanwhile, thank you Crayola. You've saved the day again.


Ginna said...

well you'd think that a 5 yr old might be to old to draw on his wall, floor, desk and radiator, right?
Well, think again. And when I got mad at him he insisted that I had never told him NOT to! I mean, common sense has no hold over this child.
And then later he said he should've used chalk.
So anyway, as far as teaching your children not to do it, you can try, but in the meantime definitely stick with washables. :)

Kirsten said...

Awesome!! I'll have to try it out and cut your self some slack. You are teaching them to be creative, artistic and to add color to the world. Nothing wrong with that if it wipes right up! ;-)

We just discoverd Crayola window crayons. Sooo fun (yes they do get a little messy) but the kids color all over our windows, do math facts, sight words, etc and then it wipes right up. I recommend those too!

jwise said...

Just wanted you to know, there was NEVER a point where I started thinking, "Why doesn't the woman teach her children not to do that?" NEVER. I'm a mother. I teach my children things. And mostly, they don't care.

Tigersue said...

The only real creative thing I have heard of to stop children from writing on walls is putting up poster or butcher paper on one wall and they can scribble on that all they want. I have never done it myself but thought it was a great idea.

Can't say a thing about why "you don't teach your children to do that." Mr. Nobody (AKA as Kendra or Abbie) has used markers on my couch. Not fun huh?

Sharlyn said...

Just keep pencils and sharpies out of her reach :) Love it!!

Maureen said...

Oh my gosh...I HAVE to get some of these!! My boys think the whole world should be crayon friendly. (and now it is!!) Thank you THANK YOU for sharing this!!

The Tuck Family said...

They have washable colored pencils too! My little LoLo is the one who is our wall (or anything else that looks like it needs some color) artist!

I hope you are having some awesome holidays!

K said...

I am charmed by anything that just wipes up. Especially like a dream. I am so late posting to this that no one will see what I am writing, so I will say that Maggie may be wild with the media, but she doesn't hold a candle to Chaz, who once took sixty dollars worth of fancy-dancy non-washable markers (new unwashable markers) and wrote her three year old name all over every flat surface in the house, including those new blond oak desks we'd just had installed in the school room - and every kitchen appliance - and some furniture. Things could be worse. I am leaving out the day she carefully drew her skeleton on every part of her body with a black heavy tipped Sharpie. It does come off. By the time she was five, hardly anything showed.


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