Thursday, December 3, 2009

Run, Run, as Fast as You Can!

I met up with Hillary early on Thanksgiving morning for the Orem International Thanksgiving Day Race. I was nervous. I'd never done anything even remotely close to running a race before. Well, I did do a long jump once at a track meet in 5th grade, but that was mostly because I was there and I thought it looked fun.

Anyway, I was scared. But as soon as I saw Hillary and we started making fun of people and their short shorts it was all better. I ran in my pajamas. Hillary ran in actual running clothes that were really cute. She is really cute.

After we got our numbers and pinned them to our shirts, we went and sat in Hillary's rental car where we caught up on the important things in life, like how Hill's brother is a rock star in China in some band that screams a lot, how Hill's mom is my nephew's Sunday School Teacher, and how if Maggie weren't so shy she would be Hillary's best friend.

Then my mom came and was all excited to take pictures of us like this:

and this:

Then the race started and we ran. Hillary could have taken 1st place, I'm convinced ('cus she ran the last 4 miles of her marathon with a fratured foot and no shoes), but she was a pal and stayed by me the whole time. If that's not loyalty, then what is?

When we got to the end I was spent, but Hillary convinced me to sprint. So I did. And it was awesome. I ran 4 miles. They listed my time as 42:18, but it was faster than that. I had to wait in line for 20 seconds before they even scanned my tag. I'm gonna list myself at 41:53, okay? Not bad for 3 weeks of training.

My mom, Beth, Dan, and the kids were waiting at the finish line along with Hillary's parents. We all stood around and laughed and told stories and with all of our parents chatting I had a flashback to our high school days (our parents are big fans of each other). Those were good times, as are these.

Thanks Hill, without you I never would have done it.


Ginna said...

Amazing Megan! So awesome. I'm a proud friend.

Becca said...

Oh Megan, Good job!! I'm proud of you. Seriously that's an accomplishment!!! When's the next one, maybe I should join you. It was fun to see you on Thanksgiving. I need to see you more often. I'll call you! Love ya!!

jwise said...

YOOOOOU ROOOOCK! I am so impressed. And it sounds like everyone should have a friend like Hillary.

Aly said...

Way to go! Now you can run the St. George Marathon with me!

Denae said...

WAY TO GO MEGS! I could NEVER do it. I am so proud of you.

Amanda D said...

Way to go! You rock! Are you a "runner" now?

Hill Call said...

I love the pretend action shot! My favorite part was that I got to chase Maggie around in her cowboy boots at the end! Thanks for running with me! I had a blast!

{Clark & Chelsie} said...

Congratulations! I'm totally impressed that you did that with only a couple weeks training. It took me months before I could run multiple miles!

Wellness Group said...

Yeah! You are awesome. And I've never seen a triple stroller before- that's awesome too :)


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