Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Have Monies!

John F. Kennedy Half Dollar

Maggie was playing with her princess bank on Saturday, comparing the sizes of all the coins she's stolen from her father over the past year. Dan announced his intention to take the family Chrismas Shopping at IKEA, so Maggie loaded her pockets with coins and we were off.

After we spent a half hour in toy section and finally pulled Maggie away from the train table, we went downstairs. Maggie suddenly remembered her pocket change and hollered, "Mom! I have a ice cream? I HAVE MONIES!"

She'd never really talked about the relationship between money and purchases before. I was astounded. But when a child offers to make a wise purchase with their own funds, you let them. No one taught me that, I just felt the truth of it.

We went to the snack bar and my girl bought herself an ice cream, slamming 2 fifty cent pieces on the counter.

It was a proud moment.


Ginna said...

Love it. That's an important lesson to learn--monies=stuff. It's a complicated one. I still run into Max telling me he has enough to buy something, like "I can buy those cars, they're only eight dollars and I have twenty five!"
And then I have to remind him that cents are different from dollars. That's always a bummer.

Marilyn said...

That is awesome. I love the way you transcribe Maggie's talking. I can just hear it.

K said...

A wise investment, that ice cream. It is interesting to me that she understood enough to by-pass any hope of the toys, but felt she had enough for the treat. You must be doing something right, girl -


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