Thursday, November 5, 2009

Turkey Trot

Yesterday I had a facebook conversation which changed my life. It was Hillary, who has known me since we were 6, saying things like "I'm coming for Thanksgiving so I can hang out with Maggie" (people using me for my children happens you know) and "After we hang out will you blog about it?" and other related chatter.

And then she told me I was going to run 4 miles with her. In a race. Me.

I told her that the last time I ran was for a bus in Europe 5 years ago. And before that I was in 9th grade P.E. class. But she was undeterred. So I promised her I'd think about it. I haven't stopped thinking of it since.

I ride my bike every day. I do fat people workouts with Bob Harper. I feel better toned and more fit than ever before. But. I. Don't. Run.

I would like to. I kind of would. Even though I know if I tried it in a quarter mile my lungs would start burning or my side would ache or I'd see a candy machine and I'd stop. Or maybe I wouldn't. Maybe I'm not a quitter anymore.

What do you think? Advice? Is there any way that a non-runner could run 4 miles with 3 weeks to train?


Kirsten said...

Absolutely can do it! Then you are coming here in May to run the half marathon with ME!!!! K?

Start by running a mile (or half if you need tomorrow). Next day or two days later, push yourself and run 1.2-1.5. Next week try running two and so on. It's all mind games with yourself and tell yourself to run just to the next stop sign, etc. Good luck...I'll be rooting for you and if you do it, I'll do the turkey trot here too. Sound like a plan!? You go girl!

Beth said...

I'm tired just from reading your ambitious post. I hope you do it, because stuff like that will make you feel like a real woman. Like somebody who thinks of a goal and then does it.
Do you ever see something on T.V. or remember you in high school or in college and you think, "I used to do that." or "I used to could do that/be that." But now you feel limited by all your dang babies or no money or insecurities or whatever?
Do this one for me, Megs. I need to be inspired lately.
P.S. It's been so cute. Lincoln has prayed for the past couple of days that you won't have a hard time with your twins. So, if you've had amazing days with your kids lately, you can thank Link's faith. :)

Aly said...

I used to be the girl in high school who couldn't even run the mile. I had to walk it. I had to force myself to like running and now I absolutely love it. So, take it from someone who went from not being able to run one mile to running 6 marathons, you can totally do it. It is all a mind game. You just have to convince yourself that you can do it. You have to get in your groove, which doesn't usually come until after the first mile, then you find your happy place, next thing you know - you can run comfortably forever and ever. You would be surprised at what you can do once you set your mind to it. One time I ran a marathon without even training because I just happened to luck out on a spot two weeks before the race. I knew I could run 26.2 miles because I had done it several times before, but I was worried this time because I hadn't trained. I just had to convince myself that I could do it and I did it! It was complete hell and I would not recommend running 26.2 miles without training, but it was all a mind over matter. It is amazing what the body can do once the mind is convinced that it can do it. The sense of accomplishment that you feel when you accomplish something you thought was impossible is indescrible. It is worth all the pain, hardwork, and suffering. You can do it! Just find your happy place!

Lilly said...

Dudo you could TOTALLY do it. A four mile run will only take like 45 minutes at the most.

jwise said...

I have no advice, but I think you're really dang funny. I hate to run. I've tried to slowly jog instead of walking on the treadmill, and I've noticed that my endurance is better. I just hope you'll blog about it either way.

amy said...

That's an awesome picture of you running megan. I run to get away. There is nothing better than a quiet, slow run, with no one asking for anything. Although, Erica did just start calling me on my cell phone every time I head out the door to run.

Camille said...

You can do it! I used to hate running, but my hubby loved it. I would let him take me running when we were dating, and after we got married, I stopped. Actually, truthfully, I had never really started. One day, I decided we needed a to have a hobby we could enjoy together and he liked running, so I asked him to teach me. We went one mile. I could talk for the first one minute, I finished and cried. Seriously. Then I went again the next day and the next and I used to hate him for making me go further each time. A year later, I ran my first marathon, all thanks to him! IF you want an inspirational book... read Running With Angels by Pamela Hansen. You can do it! ;)


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