Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving #6

Today I'm thankful for my siblings.

My sister, Courtney, and brothers, Joel and Cam, are my best friends. I love that I can count on Cam for the latest in music, t.v., and movies, Joel always has a listening ear and good advice (or else a really cheesy joke to lighten the mood), Courtney is the funnest to shop or watch movies with (she's the queen of the hilarious movie quote). I love that we've always been good friends and as we get older our friendships just get stronger. I feel so lucky that I honestly enjoy and adore all of the people in my family. My dream would be for all of us to live on the same street so we could play every day.

Thanks, Heavenly Father, for sending me to the best family on the planet. I must have been really good at some point to deserve it.


Anonymous said...

I can identify, as I am so very grateful for my brother, Jonathan. He is my best friend too. God is so good to give us family....isn't He??!!!!

Ginna said...

I love them too! They're the best.

K said...

I feel honored to have watched it all happened. Not an aunt. But just down the block from being one.

jwise said...

Oh, I hear you!! I feel the same way about my siblings, and about having awesome cousins. Just looking at that picture made me want to come hang out with all of you.

Sharlyn said...

I knew ya'll when! You all look fantastic, I miss hanging out with Courtney, always a blast :) I'm grateful for my siblings too, we all get along great, they're awesome!


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