Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving #1

Today I am grateful for my 3 healthy hilarious children who give me kisses, are always excited to see me, love to cuddle, like to be read to, and make me laugh. I am so lucky to be their mom.

I need to be better at remembering this when they're up all night, wiping boogers on my shirt, screaming through church, spitting up graham crackers on the couch, or throwing their food on the floor.

Darn it, they're adorable.


Ginna said...

They are so darn adorable. SO darn.

the fellers said...

haha, I LOVE that picture of Maggie, she is so cute! And so are the boys!

K said...

So darn. This is part of the Lord's sense of humor. Children and giraffes. Can't live with them; couldn't survive without.

Hey! My word is "rumpm." Is that cool or what?

jwise said...

I hear ya. Love the pictures!


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