Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Playing With Maggie

Today Maggie and I were playing her favorite game in which she places her hands on my face and I pretend to try and bite them before she pulls her hands away. She was laughing hysterically. I was really getting into it, growling and the whole bit.

And then I bit her.

I bit her little fingers. Pretty hard, too. I didn't mean to. Honest I didn't. And she looked at me like I had betrayed her and she screamed. I felt horrible. I mean, who bites their own child on the hand? A lioness? Certainly not a human.

Just when I was about to add my name to the list of the worst moms in history, Maggie put her hands back on my face to play the game again. So, she wasn't destroyed by my mistake. She was willing to give me another chance. And most importantly, she still loved me.

Maggie, gosh, I really love you.


Ginna said...

Isn't it great that kids are so resilient? I mean, it's so easy to make little mistakes. I might've mentioned this before because it made me feel so bad, but a couple of years ago I tried to make Max go up a down escalator. We were shopping and I was so beat. I could hardly think straight. He was walking ahead of me and I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't just get on the dang thing. Then he did, and of course promptly fell down. I felt like the worst parent in the universe. "Come on my little son, walk into the street in front of that car--just go, why aren't you walking!"

Anyway, good thing they forgive us right? And have relatively short memories for things like that too (hopefully)

Amanda D said...

I hope you're able to laugh about it now! She's such a cutie, and I'm sure that she quickly forgave you.

Denae said...

I am SO VERY THANKFUL that kids have an amazing rebound time. Otherwise, mine would have hated me long ago.

You are a great Mom!

Lilly said...

Oh that's so cute! What a sweet little girl! That seriously must have felt so good! Nice one lioness!

jwise said...

I know that feeling (the "woops!!") but she knows you well enough by now that she knew you didn't mean it!

K said...

Oh, I so really, really hated it when I did something that hurt one of the kids. That sudden terrible shock of realization and wanting to take it back right away. Like accidentally slamming Cam's fingers into the back of the van's sliding door. When I am dying, I will remember all of them, over and over again - and that's all I WILL remember.


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