Monday, October 26, 2009

Take a Hike

Last week we took the kids on a short hike. And it's a good thing the hike was short because we ended up carrying every last one of them.

And what's a hike without a waterfall at the end? I mean, really.


Diana said...

I don't know what else to say...but WOW!

Lilly said...

So cute and funny! I love that you are holding BOTH of the twins. Super mom in her finest hour.

Katie Gee said...

I bet the hike was easier 'cause you've been exercisin' huh?

Ginna said...

A hike is NOTHING without a waterfall.
I love how smily those boys are. They're always grinning.
Do you remember our 5 mile hike to calf creek falls? Forever ago? That was a super fun trip. I wish we could do it again.

jwise said...

Definitely!! There has to be a waterfall at the end!

I love the pictures of you guys hauling all the kids. It reminds me SOOOOOO much of when we take our kids hiking! :)

Dan and Emalee said...

I wonder if they have one of those backpack things for adults. Then I can really say I went on a good hike. By the way looken good Meg!


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