Friday, October 2, 2009

Pumpkin Babies

While Will and Coleman napped yesterday, Maggie and I went pumpkin picking in the garden. For the past 2 summers we have had pumpkins volunteer to grow in our garden. We welcome them, although we have never planted them. This year we got quite the patch! They wound around every surface of the garden, choking the tomatoes, blending in with the zucchini, and even climbing the grape vines. And although I was frustrated with their greedy manners, I'm very happy with the harvest.

We picked them, washed them, and carried them out to our front porch where Maggie arranged them in families. As I placed them on the steps she would shout, "No, Mom!" in an exasperated tone and then explain to me how I had placed them completely wrong because this pumpkin was that one's Mommy or that pumpkin belonged with the other pumpkin because it was a baby sister. She has a gift for pumpkin genealogy.

She even insisted that a tomato be nestled in with these pumpkins because it was their baby. I told her that it wasn't their baby because it was a tomato, but she knew better.

The adopted tomato does indeed look happy, although due to his fragile constitution, I fear he shan't grace the porch for long.

Good job Maggie--mismatched clothes and all!


Ginna said...

you two sure do know how to make me smile. :)

Marilyn said...

Awesome. just awesome. I'm glad you've raised such a tolerant little soul, without narrow-minded constraints of familial division down vegetable/fruit lines. Maybe her generation can make a better world for all tomatoes.

Tomatoes of the world, untes.

Beth said...

She's cute. I just wish I didn't have such a lame birthday present for her, since I haven't gone shopping for 2 months. I like her little pumpkin families.

Rachel said...

Maggie is so adorable. I love it when kids do just what she did. I wish we could open those portels again in our brains. Maybe that is why we have kids. We can't go back in our own brains so we live it again through our kids.

Dan said...

This is a really cute post! You two are the best wife and daughter in the world! Thanks for making our house such a fun place to live.

I looked at your counter, and I am visitor 14,000!!!! I think that means I win a prize. I'll let you pick.

Andrea said...


I'm a loser and lost your email. I need to ask you a big favor. My sister and hubby are flying in next weekend and need a place to sleep Friday night. They are looking for a place to live in Happy Valley.

Anyhoo--email me. Andrea

jwise said...

What a fun afternoon. I LOVE all the pictures and Maggie's gift for not only organization but pumpkin genealogy. There is not enough of that in the world. I also love the adopted tomato. Love it.

K said...

I LOVE pumpkin babies. And Maggie has the same gift Max has - telling one fish from another. What a wonderful porch! What a wonderful harvest!!


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