Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And I Thought "Pooh" Was Bad Enough!

Yesterday while hanging out at Dan's folk's house, Maggie perused the video shelves and found a Winnie the Pooh Christmas movie that she couldn't wait to watch. She thrust the video in my face and in her whiniest whine said "Mommy, I watch Poopy Bear?"

Poopy Bear.

She used to call him Pooh. She really did. And I thought that was already such an unfortunate name. But now his name is Poopy. Poopy Bear. How sad.


Ginna said...

that is quite sad--quite sadly hilarious that is!
I always wondered why he had to be called pooh too--seems a little unfair to him. I wouldn't name my kid poo. Think of all the things it rhymes with, right?

jwise said...

That is hilarious. I agree--I thought "Pooh" was bad enough.


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