Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keep Trying

We set aside time each Monday night to teach our kids gospel lessons and spend time together as a family. We use {an amazing manual} put together by our church for teaching 2 year olds. But somehow the lessons just are not getting through to Maggie. Example:

Me: Maggie, you're a child of God.
Maggie: No, Mom, not a child of God. I Maggie.
Me: Yes, Maggie, you're Maggie and you're a child of God.
Maggie: No, Mom.

Dan: Heavenly Father has a body. You are like him. You have a body, too.
Maggie: No, Dad. Not body. Not body, too.

However, Maggie is now praying with us 3/4 of the time, singing with us 3/4 of the time (if we agree to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes or The Wheels on the Bus--both very spiritual hymns) and eating treats with us 100% of the time. So, we're making progress. I hope.


Marilyn said...

Bless her little (non-embodied) heart. Sebastian's Sunbeam teacher told us that when they had the "I am a child of God" discussion, Seb said, "I'm not a child of God, I'm a MONKEY of God."

We just have to hope they're somehow absorbing some of it, right?


Holli and Billy said...

I am jealous you can make it that far! Our lessons are about 5 seconds long... oh well.

Angie Lewis said...

We feel exactly the same way with Christopher. Usually some (or the main) portion of the lesson includes screaming, yelling "NO," and/or him running away. We will be blessed for our efforts though, right?!

Tiffany said...

We usually end up playing "find the pictures of Jesus in the FRIEND" and singing about a million songs--but I think it still counts. I really think you'll be blessed for you efforts!!
ps I think Mags is so darn funny.

the fellers said...

hahaha...I LOVE this post, cause I feel the same way, Scoty just looks at us like we are werid...and dotn worry, we always have to sing ring around the rosy! hahaha In fact, last night Rylee wouldtn STOP doing it, so we didnt even get in much of a lesson...but at least we were together as a family, that is what really counts, right??

Ginna said...

I'm going to read this to Kris now, he'll appreciate it. We've just gotten to the point where we can have a lesson for more than 1 minute. And now we're to two minutes. Impressive, right? Especially if we can do the whole thing without Max having a melt down over the song choice or something.
We had a home teacher last year that insisted on coming and giving the whole family lessons. He'd try to make them kid oriented, but he only had a 1 yr old, so he really had no idea. Anyway Max would not sit still or pay attention, and I think the guy ended up thinking max had some sort of disorder. Oh well, right? You can't really understand it until you've lived it I think!!!

K said...

I think the point of the exercise is to bring the focus of both parents, together and at one time, on the kids. When parents ask kids questions, looking for answers, it's way different than parents saying, "Stop doing that." Of course, with FHE, you're still saying that constantly. But sprinkled in is this other stage-of-life style of conversation. I imagine that HF feels about me (at church, but really all the time) about the way you feel about Maggie. Affectionate and hopeful aggravation.


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