Sunday, August 9, 2009


I'm frustrated, I'll have you know. I was busy the last couple of weeks playing with my sister and shopping with my best friends for the perfect dress for my high school reunion and then I was all set to blog about it when my computer battery went dead and my cord wasn't charging it and then Dan tried to fix it and ended up practically making the thing explode.

And now I'm ticked. My computer is dead, but I want to blog! However, I'm too upset about my computer battery to bring myself to do it.

So, expect me back on Monday, August 17th. Until then I might post at random. Or I might not. But don't give up on me. I shall return.


jwise said...

I know how frustrating that is. I've been the same way with my move, and I'd really like to write, though I haven't had much time. So I feel for ya. I look forward to your return & can't wait to hear all the stories. Hope the reunion was fun. I know Courtney was. ;)

Mary Jane said...

Chris' cord broke an dhe took it to the apple store (you have an apple right?) and it was under warranty. They replaced it for free...then he was up and running!


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