Friday, July 31, 2009


My adorable sister Courtney has been in town this week, so our time has been spent catching up with her hilarious children, playing card games, thrift store shopping, and watching (and quoting) our favorite childhood movie "Help Wanted: Kids."

And then my adorable cousins Brenna, Robby, Devy, and Kaelin and Auntie Sue came to town and it's been coolness and fun ever since. 

Last night was the concert of dear Robby's band Round Mountain. It blew my mind. I mean, I knew they were good and could play 85,000 instruments you've never seen before, but they also play those instruments at the same time. I mean Char played the trumpet with one hand and the accordian with the other while Robby was playing the Wazzinator (I think that's really what it was called) with his foot, beating on a piece of West African bicycle) with his hand, hitting a cymbal with the other hand and humming while he was whistling. I have been known to elaborate on the truth, but here I AM NOT KIDDING. Plus, I saw both of my principals and 2 teachers from my school I taught at in Layton at the concert. So much fun to see dear friends.

Today we've been chillin' at home. I picked veggies from the garden while the kids played in the pool. I love it when the garden is fruitful. Then Coleman and Will passed a tomato back and forth between them and ate it like an apple. Yum.

Ah, Summer.

Can't find the camera, hence no pictures of the fun. You'll just have to take my word for it.


MOMster said...

What a great summer! You guys have been busy with family and that's often the best and only way to spend one's time. I'll bet your kids are loving life with the coolest mom EVER!

The Willeyes said...

That is my favorite thing about summer...all the summer veggies. LOVE summer tomatoes. The boys have the right idea! :)

jwise said...

Hey, I have not checked blogs for a month (ever since the upheaval of my life and having to move to the other side of the country). ;) So I just read about your last month, and -boy- have you had a good one! From Liberty Land to Carol Makita. (She was on the news when *I* was little! And I'm old!) What a good summer! :) I hope you're having fun with Courtney. (And I loved your post about the soldier coming home. I would have stood out there and bawled, too. VERY cool.)

EmmaP said...

oh how fun! i am in NV and all of my sisters have been here, and even though it has been crazy with tons of kids, we've been having fun! and the concert sounds amazing... totally something I would get into!!!

K said...

We've been crazy with family, too - as you know. It's wonderful. But mystifying when it's over. Saw C. at church and was delighted. YOur mom must have had great fun.


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