Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Multiply the Fun

Before the twins were born I didn't think I'd really dress them alike. Little did I know how fun it would be to do so. I love going out with my matching set of babies. And just this week I discovered there are online shops dedicated to selling twin apparel. But then again, why wouldn't there be? You can find anything on the interwebs. 

So, now I want these:
Bacon & Eggs

And I want these so Maggie can be in on it as well:
My mind is also swimming with other ideas. If I ever get my craft on again, maybe I'll whip up something like those. Someday. And hopefully soon. I don't know how 15 year old twins would feel about bacon and eggs shirts. 

cute stuff found {here}.


MOMster said...

I think those bacon and eggs shirts are adorable. And your boys would look fabulous in them. Maggie would be a hit as well. You should enjoy dressing them as you want to, because once they start dressing themselves...mama has no more say.

Leslie said...

I love Gymboree. The clothes wear well, clean up well and last a long time. Plus everything in the collection mixes and matches.

Leslie said...


Leslie said...

An this form another friend's blog I just saw:


I will leave you alone now...

jwise said...

Our bishop and his wife came as "bacon" and "eggs" to the Halloween party last year. Just think what you'll be able to do for Halloween!!!


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