Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Dudes

Our little dudes are so busy! As they close in on their first birthday they've been up to all sorts of craziness, like:
  • Cole chipped a tooth (we still don't know how he did it) and got it filled by his darling Uncle Dave. Dave was so sweet even though Cole bit him hard 3 times.
  • Will gained nearly 2 pounds, making him noticeably chunkier than his brother.
  • Cole can climb the stairs in a matter of seconds but has no idea how to get down.
  • Will loves swimming in the backyard blow up pool.  Cole can think of other things he'd rather do.
  • For some reason, they draw large crowds when we take them to Costco. People don't pay much attention to the twins at other stores, but when we go to Costco they get all the attention they could ever want.
We love these boys!


jwise said...

How fun!! They're just so adorable. Those Costco people know quality when they see it. (Love that picture!)

Katie Gee said...

I bet it's 'cause they don't usually see two babies in the two-baby-equipt shopping carts. Plus, they're adorable.

Kati said...

They are the CUTEST!!! Thanks for letting my little dude crawl all over them in Sunday School yesterday! Good luck at the High School- I bet everyone will be SO excited to see such an awesome person as you are! I hope it is great!

Marilyn said...

I can't believe they are getting so big! Cuties. And are you supposed to do something about chipped teeth? Ky chipped his too, but we didn't know what to do so we did nothing. ("Parenting: It's our forte!") Now he has a crescent tooth. Poor guy.

Also, your trip looked so fun! Your pictures are beautiful. I want to go there. Trapr.

EmmaP said...

i was riveted by this post i practically ate the entire box of LIFE cereal! they are growing so fast!!!!! and the Costco thing, yeah - i bet it is because of the twin-carts. also, it's where people go for "Bulk"... so, they just happened to notice your very own two-fers... hehehe.

K said...

Costco=wide aisles. It's a matter of opportunity. Besides, that's the kind of place that attracts people who are excited about getting stuff in bulk -


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