Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Sounds of a Man Working on his Thesis

In the evenings after the kids are safely stowed in their beds, I read up on blogs in between finishing up household chores. And Dan heads to his office/man cave to "work on his thesis."  That's what he tells me anyway.

Most nights was he really does is search ebay for coin collecting paraphernalia or make plans for various projects around the house.

But last night, I found him googling "how to play a penny whistle" and spent nearly an hour fluting away.

Tonight I finally went downstairs to see what the racket was and found that he'd installed a t.v. in the office and was happily playing his collection of old Atari games.

Maybe I need to come up with a "project" that sounds important. Like, "Hey Dan! All day Saturday I'm volunteering for something super important and prestigious" (i.e. eating cupcakes while I work on my tan pool-side.)


Vhari said...

You definitely need a craft room. Where you'll be "sewing everyone's clothes and otherwise saving Dan lots of money" aka room with lots of good movies, good food, good books and a comfy place to take naps.

jwise said...

Definitely. You need to volunteer for something very noble and worthwhile that will certainly fall through, leaving you the whole day to, oh, say, eat cupcakes and get a tan. I do like the previous suggestion of a craft room. Women need "caves," too--probably more so than men. :)

K said...

I don't know. I think he oughta fess us to taking play time, and you should declare that he can just do the finishing up of the household chores while you do yours. What's with that? Are they YOUR dishes?

I think I'm going to be in a pirate mood today.

Rachel said...

LOL! My brother in law is into coin collecting. When times are tight he collects pennies. :D

He has all of these coin books for pennies. He and a friend just went and bought several hundred dollars worth of silver dollars from the bank. They went through them all and picked out the ones they didn't have and wanted and then returned the rest!

I'm sure the bank just loves it when those two come walking through the door.......

Katie said...


Maybe he could come join my ear doctor watching documentaries about big foot?

EmmaP said...

Just tell him you're off to "feed the hungry" or "clothe the naked" and then be off shopping or getting that cupcake of yours.


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