Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lucha Libre on the Brain

It could be because I bought these notecards at the Beehive Bazaar last week:
SALE - Luchadores Note Card Set - Gocco Printed - ONLY 8 LEFT
But I can't get kitschy luchador stuff off my mind.

I really want some of these:

And these:

So I can make these:

I really don't love wrestling. But there is something so absolutely hilarious and cool about luchador masks. I can't get enough.


Rachel said...

My boys would get a kick out of those!

jwise said...

K, that's hysterical. And seriously, I want to know about the frosting because I can never get colors like that. I'm making Lego cakes in a few weeks and I need some serious colors. (Okay, maybe not the CAKE, just the frosting.) If you have any tips, share! :)

The Betitas said...

Those cupcakes make me want to have a birthday party:)


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