Saturday, March 14, 2009

And the Award for Luckiest Blogger of the Day is...

For the banners:
#31 Emma
#2 Meridee (also known as my mom)
#8 Jen 

For the earrings
#9 Mr. Gifford--the lovely bead ones
#15 Madam Tiffany--the crazy green pebbles
#16 Chelsea--the wooden ones

I believe I currently have mailing information for all, except Chelsea... so Chelsea please email me at margfarg[at]gmail[dot]com and we'll take care of that shall we? Oh and Tiff, email me yours too, since I'm not sure where I wrote it.

Special thanks to for the integer generation and to all those lovelies who entered. Seeing 31 comments sure made me feel good. And it looks like we've all been lucky in life! 

p.s. No I did not rig it so that my mother won.I'm just happy she did.  So there.


Rachel said...

Well, since I didn't win then I am glad that your mum did. After all.....she did birth ya so she's entitled to a Lucky banner. Way to go Meridee!!! And all of you other loverlies.

EmmaP said...

the banner is cute. thanks for the special delivery today. hope the site didn't scare you. nope - wasnt dressed for halloween. just half asleep from my migraine nap...

David and Sheri said...

Megs - Sheri and I have a hankerin' to hang out. How 'buot next week? Call me: 714-515-2502. Peace!

Meridee said...

Woo Who!!!!! Thanks, Meggie. It is hanging up even as I type. Looks great! Love ya!!!

Beth said...

I had such a clever comment in my head for your giveaway. I'm so mad at myself for forgetting about it.
Even though I didn't win, at least I got to eat three lucky cupcakes last night. They were really good. REALLY GOOD! But, my pants felt so tight today.

GIFFY said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! The earings look exceptionally nice on my beautiful wife!


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