Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Valentine Giveaway

I finally found a few minutes last night to get my craft on, and I've decided to share it with all of you.  I sewed up this paper heart garland--perfect for showing your family and home how much you love it. It's nothing too fancy, but I think it's terribly fun. 

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment to a) tell me your favorite thing about Valentine's Day or something fun you have planned for the holiday, b) your name, and c) your email address, and d) how cool you think I am (optional, but it can't hurt your chances. Oh heavens I'm kidding!). Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm Saturday evening, a 
winner will be chosen at random on Sunday. 

Good Luck!


The Willeyes said...

Oh yipee--I'm first! I hope I win. You make the most darling stuff:) I LOVE Valentines Day! I love giving cute little gifts and love notes to my kids and husband:) It is so fun to just put little heart notes on their mirror or doors or in the fridge etc the days before Valentines day and then a fun gift on that day:)

You have my e-mail, and of course I will tell you how awesome you are...because it's true:) You are so talented, patient, kind and such a good friend. I am glad to know you:)
Happy Valentines Day!

Rochelle said...

Megan-- I'm not just commenting becuase you're doing a giveaway (I am horrible at commenting on other people's blogs on a regular basis!) I've been meaning to tell you forever how much I enjoy your blog. You are just so real! You blog about your good and bad days, and it helps all of us relate to you. Thank you for making me smile every time you post a new blog.

Valentine's Day... well, I've realized since having children that Valentine's isn't just a lovers holiday... I love to tell my children how much I love them on this day! We started buying them a small gift each year and now they look forward to it like it's christmas! (Okay, it's more like the excitement you get for easter).

My e-mail is rochellewilde at

Rachel said...

How bout I start by telling you how wonderful I think you are and that I read your blog everyday and that you inspire me and I think your kids are adorable and...

Did I win? :D

Valentine's Day has a certain tradition in our house that started years ago and I've done it since. Years ago I got into the home made chocoate making thang...and you know me...if 1 oz. of chocolate is heaven.....well then...10 oz. must be celestial!

Well, I found this candy mold that is in the shape of lips and honey.......these are "lips". They are huge. I found some red colored chocolates and melted and filled those pucker uppers and surprised my husband with them. Solid bright red chocolate lips. Doesn't get any nastier than that!

Smooches baby! Now THAT, is solid love.

My know.....if not, your mom does.

And may I leave this blessed message with an announcement that I think your garland totally rocks like you! What a darling idea that I would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS have thought I'm talentaly challenged...gramatically, phonetically, spelling, challenged too....and the list goes on.....which is why I should win! I have special needs. :D

Tiffany said...

Oh--a giveaway! I LOVE givaways!
On Friday Steve's school is sponsoring a fancy shmancy dinner- for FREE that we get to dress up and go to! That will be our V-day date!
My name is TIFF but I think it says that on my comment already! PAH! and of course I think you're the coolest thing ever!
PS I'll be in Utah this weekend--I'll send you an email w/details.

Holli and Billy said...

Look at you go! Ok....

A. My favorite thing about valentine's day is the candy. Isn't that why everyone celebrates valentines? Billy and I don't really do anything for each other, but I did tell him he is obligated to write me a love letter. We never go out to dinner on valentines day because it is so crazy. So, we usually just grab a heart shaped pizza from papa murphy's. We are so boring!

B. My name is Holli if you didn't know.


D. You are awesome because I don't think I would have this much craft ambition with a toddler running around and twinners needing my constant attention. How do you do it. I can barely manage one toddler. You must be superwoman. (I am hoping that last comment will give me the big win.)

Beth said...

A. Joel and I actually buy fancy chocolate (choxie) and eat it together on Valentine's day.
b. beffers
z. no one can top your cupcakes, or your company! really. love ya.

K said...

I'm not entering. Just so you know. I never win, so I have ceased to enter things. Anyway, You already have too many adorable people who actually deserve hearts and need hearts and want hearts.

Valentine's day is actually one of my very favorite ones - after Christmas and before 4th of July (oh - and the way we used to do Easter - I loved that, too). My dad used to bring us treasures on that day - which was remarkable. Dad thinking of that. And we'd get big fancy lacy cards that made me feel like a fair maiden, which was a feeling I tried to cultivate for a lot of years back then.

Once, for Guy, when we were dating - I snuck into his house early one morning while he was sleeping and hung all these tiny red hearts and tiny red arrows made out of toothpicks and construction paper from red thread in all in doorways.

For me, it's about the hearts. The candy is - well, yeah - welcome. But tiny hearts. I don't know what it is about them. But they taste right in my mind and seem kinda magical. And fancy lace. That, too.

There. Done. I don't have to finish the rest of the questionnaire because I'm not running for office.

K said...

Oh, but wait - I can do the essay part.


Neff III family said...

D) Look at you, crafty mom! I'm so proud. I've given up doing anything crafty.

A) What I like best about Valentine's Day is sugar cookies. Yum.


B) Meesh dawg

Mary Jane said...

I can't believe you are sewing paper with three babies under 2! How do you do it?

This year for Valentine's Day I have to do the pre-school party at Carter's school. Every game I come up with is in the "very challenging...4th grade spectrum" catagory. I guess I need some of your kindergarten creativity. Ideas? Maybe if I win the contest I can decorate with the garland! HEE HEE

My name is Mary Jane and my e-mail is

And yeah, you're awesome!

Kim + Danny said...

Yeah!! I 'm glad I'm not too late to enter. Your heart garland is SUPER cute.

a) my favorite part about valentines is all the Pink and Red(love these colors!) and hearts! I love making cute things for my kids out of hearts or fabric that has hearts on it ect. I've already made Kanani two sparkly skirts with hearts all over them. Now just have to think of something creative for the boys.

b) Kim


d) Eveyone has already stolen all my nice comments, but I do have to say I think you are doing a GREAT job as a mother. I know how hard twins can be and you are handling it so well. GOOD JOB!!! and call me if you ever need a break. I would LOVE to watch all three of the kids for you!

Clark & Chelsie said...

Hi Meg! I have only met you once (and that was at your wedding reception, so I don't expect you to remember me) but I went to high school with Dan & I absolutely love, love, love your blog! So here it goes:
a) I love that on Valentines day you can eat as much chocolate as you want an no one says anything because, "It's Valentine's Day"
b) My name is Chelsie Draney
d) I love that you are completely honest about life with your children! It makes me feel normal!

amy said...

a) Heart shaped pancakes
D)you are the coolest person I know. I love that your family has a crazy picture photo album.

Cuddlydoll said...

I love really cute decorations and that it's the only time of year that pink and red go well together. And I love the cookies with frosting and candy on them.

My name is Marielle and you can email Scott if I win (which I hope I do).

You are cool because you have been Scott's friend all these years (Scott says). I think you are cool because you always made me feel welcome with your group of friends.

Meridee said...

I really like Valentine's Day: hearts, candy, loving gestures, and Valentine sugar cookies for Joel's birthday. I wish that we are ran around the neighborhood putting Valentines on the porch, knocking on doors and running like we did when I was a kid. Maybe I'll hit the neighborhood this year.
I love the garland. Such a cute idea.
I'm your mom and proud of it. I love you Megs!

Brittanie said...

I love professional bloggers such as yourself that do giveaways. =)

My favorite thing about Valentines, that's a hard one. Let me explain. When I was single it just made me feel unloved and lonely. Now, my husband hates the holiday and says go buy yourself something. To which I always do and so therefore that's my favorite part. Picking out something expensive for myself that I would normally not buy.
I do want to start fun little traditions for the kids though. Such as hanging a Heart Garland in the house. (Hee Hee)

jwise said...

ARG. This is my punishment for not blog-checking over the last few days! Drat. I hope the lucky winner enjoys that INSANELY ADORABLE GARLAND and doesn't feel too bad that *I* didn't get it.


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