Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Happened

I have friends and relatives with princess-obsessed little girls who wear princess slippers and dress-up gowns and talk incessantly about Barbie Fairytopia.  And while Maggie enjoyed princess slippers (mostly because of the shoe fetish), she basically remained aloof. Until yesterday.

During her usual daily bed-jumping romp she started yelling "Princess dance! Princess dance!" Then later she brought me Beauty and the Beast and insisted on watching "Princess show! Princess show!"

In fact, the only way I got her to stay in bed last night was by telling her a Princess story (being a good mother and knowing my daughter's preferences, I based the plot heavily around a Princess dance with princess shoes. Knowing my own preferences the princess shoes had taps affixed to the soles and made a cheery tap tap sound with every shuffle).

The princess stage has officially been entered. Bless us all.

P.S. It might interest you to know that while watching Beauty and the Beast yesterday, I noticed that the harried lady in the village who calls out in absolute desperation "I NEED 6 EGGS!" is juggling twin babies as well as 1 or 2 other toddler sorts . Oh I understand her insanity. I understand it so well.


Rachel said...

You know.....Kirsten still has yet to do the princess thing. Levi on the other hand.....picture a big thick mentally handicapped kid mincing around on his tippy toes with a tutu around his big waist with saggy diaper underneath and a sparkly wand in his hand chasing all of us yelling, "fungus! You are FUNGUS!"

the fellers said...

I keep thinking that i Hope Rylee goes through the princess stage, cause right now, she prefers cars over girl toys.....grrrr

Rebekah said...

She needs to see the Twelve Dancing Princesses. Shoes and princesses -- twelve of them! It was my personal favorite growing up. Although, I don't think they have done a remake of it in a while. I am remembering some pretty cheesy special effects.

K said...

Yes. Funny how little girls who are really pirates at heart still go for princess stuff. But not Chaz. She always wanted to be the prince, and has never lost her love of doublet, hose and sword. In fact there are two of them under the bed Gin is sleeping in RIGHT NOW.

Quite the opposite of Gin, who would only wear pants if I put a dress over them. But there were no princesses in those days.

Okay - what Rachel wrote up there has me rolling on the floor. Fungus - *snicker.*

cat said...

Oh yes, the princess thing. Mine has a total obsession! I actually have been working on a blogpost about that for a while - time to finish it.Off course, it makes birthday parties, gifts etc. so easy.

Alison said...

Hi! Just ran into you blog and thought I'd comment on the Princess thing. My daughter is 4 and has been enveloped in all things 'Princess' since about 2 1/2. I used to loathe it, but now accept it as a right of passage. ;o)


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