Monday, February 16, 2009

The After Party

Maggie slept over at Grandma's while we got to be grown-up party animals with our friends. Having the twins asleep, Maggie away, and our friends over was so relaxing!

But of course, we saved our favorite 2 year old a cupcake. I think she liked it.

Too bad we didn't save one for Will.


The Willeyes said...

Her hair is getting so long :)

K said...

I'd like to be two years old - just for those five minutes. Icing all over your face Heaven.

The Tuck Family said...

Yummy! Now I want a cupcake.....or two....ok three. What a fun Valentine's Day!

Maggie looks so grown-up!

EmmaP said...

wow - she really loved that cupcake, eh?

jwise said...

Those are great pictures! The first one is probably my favorite. Although Will going for the cupcake is certainly up there.


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