Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of Note


Ashley said...

Bush is no longer our President :)

Rachel said...

You're mean........ :D

K said...

I think Mr. Bush has been badly treated both by the media and by his own party. I think that, if we really knew what had been going on in those offices - read the reports that he's had to read everyday, heard his reasons for the decisions he's made, we wouldn't be so quick to dismiss him.

One of my friends, a New Yorker, regularly calls him an "idiot," as she would anyone, if the truth be known, who wasn't glib, and who has a folksy accent.

I really respected his first term. His second, he seemed to wishy=washy and too non[partison for me. He came up with some interesting ideas that didn't work out as well as he would have liked. And the garbage about him "lying" about this or that, especially about WoMD - that's such bunk, it makes me grind my teeth. "Liar" is a strong and poisonous piece of invective. I'd never throw it around lightly. And I saw the intelligence photos, and I heard the reasons for their fear - as did Hillary and the rest of them - and they, too, were galvanized by these things.

The fact that the weapons were not found has absolutely no bearing on whether they were there originally. So much crossed into Syria by truck in the months before we acted. it's like: "Billy - I know you have bad magazines up there in your room, and I'm gonna come up there and look for them in two weeks!~!!!" Uh-huh.

I think the man deserves much more respect. Much more kindness. Much more benefit of a doubt than the world gives him. The fact that Europe didn't like him and neither did New York only makes me suspect that I should like him a whole lot myself.


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