Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Change is Gonna Come

I've been feeling it: the need to change. Change what? My dang health. As of now the only "healthy habits" I have in my life are: 
  1. Occassionally watching The Biggest Loser.
  2. Reading my friend Amy's blog dedicated to Super Healthy Eating for Families. Every day I read it I think "Really? Well, that's cool." Then I store the information away in my brain where it remains untouched.
  3. Getting off the sodas.
It's a start. But kind of a pathetic start. So, I've decided I've got to put some effort into it. Heeding Amy's teachings I have started to focus on feeding the Mags fruits and vegetables. It's working so far. She and I have been eating and snacking more on celery, pears, bananas, oranges, and the like. This evening I even made a smoothie out of frozen raspberries, peaches, and a splash of milk. It really wasn't sweet enough (see, I have a sweet tooth. I come by it honestly--my maternal grandmother adds sugar to everything. Even steamed vegetables. And Jell-o). So I added a little shake of a Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light flavor packet. 

When I tasted it and saw that it was good, I decided to take a leap in the healthy direction and I throw in a handful of spinach. (Thanks to a link I got from Emily the other day I was informed that green smoothies are all the rage). 

The spinachy smoothie tasted like a Christmas Tree. "Do you eat Christmas trees, Megan?" you ask. The answer is no, I don't. But if I did they would taste like my green smoothie. You know what, though? It tasted good. The flavor really grew on me. 

Maybe now I'll try to wean myself off the Crystal Light. I'm no nutritionist, but I figure if sugar isn't so healthy for you, a bunch of chemicals that replace sugar can't be so great for you either.

But what do I know?

Now, here's the part where you comment and tell me a healthy habit you have, want to have, or think I should adopt. I still have 20 pounds to go (10 pounds baby weight, 10 pounds chunk). But more importantly, I want to feel healthy.


Denae said...

I try to eat some sort of fruit before a meal, it helps me not eat as much other stuff that might not be as good for me. The same is true for a big glass of water.

although I am nothing close to a picture of health

The Betitas said...

Megan, that post just made my day! You are hilarious! I have to say, drinking a Christmas tree sounds so FESTIVE:) I give you two thumbs up and five stars for even being brave enough to try it! If you are going to drink a Christmas tree a day, here are some tips that may help you sweeten it up.
1). Lemon juice. (squeeze half a lemon into your green smoothie)
2) Stevia (either powdered or liquid). It is derived from an herb and is very sweet. You can find it at a health food store. All it takes is about 1/4-1/2 tsp per blender full. If you notice an aftertaste (not everyone does) you probably won't want to use it.
3) Agave Nectar also found at the health food store. Its a syrup. (I love it).
4). Or maybe add a little honey.
5) Use apple juice.
It might work best to pour some apple juice in first. Then add the lemon juice/other sweetener and spinach. Blend that together. Then add your frozen berries! It isn't as thick but might please your sweet tooth:) Good luck!

The Betitas said...

oh also, using frozen mixed berries or frozen strawberries is awesome cause they tend to be a little more flavorful than peaches. peaches are yummy too, they just don't have quite as much flavor (to cover up the greens).

Tigersue said...

For me, what I really need to do, most people thing I am horrible and break the word of wisdom but for me it is the only answer, Low fat does not work, but makes me sicker.

I try to eat the good vegetables, non starchy, and raw when possible.
I don't skimp on good fats, I have found that when you have a good fat intake it actually helps reduce cravings.
I don't skimp on protein, again protein consumption helps reduce cravings, protien and fat is what actually tells your brain you have had enough food.
I avoid breads, grains, sugars, and any type of carb that make my bloodsugar skyrocket and also cravings.
Low carb has a bad stigma in our society, but for me it was an answer I really need to get back to doing. I lost 50 lbs and managed to have two more children because of this answer for me.

jwise said...

I wish I would have lost 10 lbs. by now--I am not as constant with this as I would like to be. But something I am trying is that we put our treadmill in our room, and I watch TV while I walk/run. I watch my favorite TV show on DVD and it makes the time go much faster. (Now I just need to do this every day for twice as long as I do it.) I don't look any better, and I haven't lost any weight, but I sure feel proud of myself every time I do it. I think that counts as feeling "better."

Amanda D said...

I'm also not a picture of health, but I try to drink a lot of water. I have just started weight lifting too and even though it has only been a couple weeks, I feel stronger. Just remember, moderation in all things. GOod luck!

eRiCa said...

lots of seriously does a number for your skin!

I stopped drinking soda when I began playing competition I will occasionally drink it and BOY DOES IT BURN. This is not a healthy tip, but thought I'd share :)

Get your fibers in...they make you feel full so you're not wanting to eat all the time and it's good for you.

add some frozen veggies to girls looove their ramen noodles so to feel less guilty about giving in and letting them eat "noodle soup" three times a week I add some frozen veggies in it. Even if they don't eat the veggies I have fully convinced myself that the "juice" from the veggies were asorbed into the noodles they are slurping :) I'm such a great mom! *drip sarcasm*

the fellers said...

first only have 10 lbs baby weight left! WOW! That should be included in your good start list...I only had one and I just (like a month ago) got back to my pre pregnancy weight....well pre rylee, I have a ways to go to be pre some form of exercise everyday...that is what I did when I was pregnant with Rylee, and now still...I think (and I dont know much), that if you are consistant and do the exercising everyday...even if it is little, then you can be proud of yourself, and start to see a, I do it, and for about two weeks, this last little bit, I was so busy, out of the country, etc, that I didnt exercise once, and my back was so sore, I had no energy, and I was I started to exercise again, and I have been feeling so much better this week....even for the extra energy boost...I promise, I love it! (and I only do a 30 min tae bo workout....and sometimes, when I am lazy, I only do the 8 min work out...but it is better then nothing!)

amy said...

woo-hoo! You are getting lots of great advice. Keep it up. The sick season is coming around, and you do NOT have time to get sick taking care of those little ones. Good health= good immunity.

Rachel said...

Years ago my mother was big on those air fresheners that you spray around the room. I think Glade put them out. She had one at Christmas time in the bathroom that smelled of lovely pine needles. One day my dad used the bathroom. As he was leaving it my mother yelled from the other end of the house, "did you use the air freshener?" To which my dad muttered under his breath, "ya,and now it smells like someone crapped a Christmas tree....." :o)

Tasha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Camille said...

I've been feeling the same feeling. I went for a walk the other day. Ok, it was a casual stroll around the temple here. But it amounted to half a mile and we went up one hill. It felt so good! I couldn't understand the euphoria I was feeling. Then it hit me. The only exercise I've been getting is walking up and down the stairs and crossing the street holding up a big red sign. Which, I must say is getting heavier, and I have a lot of stairs in my house. I am toying with the idea of exercising regularly. I haven't figured out what, when, or how, but I was thinking about a walk each day to start. I'd love to be ready to run again by spring. I'd appreciate any encouragement or ideas!

Kristen's Raw said...

Hi :)

Now is the best time to start embracing healthy habits - with the holidays right around the corner and New Year's Resolutions shortly after.

Green Smoothies really rock. I love them. Two of my favorite simple blends are:

2 cups water
1-2 handfuls spinach
2-3 bananas, peeled


2 cups water
1-2 handfuls spinach
2 apples, cored and chopped
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

If they're too green, simply add more fruit! Oh, and mango is delish in smoothies (gives it a lovely creaminess!!!)

Oh, and for that sweet tooth of yours... have you ever just had a nice soft organic date (or two or three) when you have a craving for sweets? They're "nature's candy" and so dang satisfying!!! If you want an even more substantial treat, stuff a pecan or almond in the date or dab some nut butter on it. Heavenly!!!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

The Yospe's said...

Megan! We need your address to send you a card. Can you email to me?


AwesomeAustads said...

Even dietitian eats sweet foods. We just have cravings. It's natural. I grew up in a family that never had dinner without a vegetable on the plate. Even if we got a special night of 99 cent hamburgers at McDonalds, my mom would cook up some green beans and yams to eat with our burger (maybe it was also because she couldn't afford the fries and drinks to go with it).

2. You only need 1/2 of grains to be whole grain. I don't like brown rice but wheat noodles don't taste any different. Kraft makes a whole wheat mac and cheese! Look for labels that say more than 3 grams of fiber, it's going to give you the best for your money.

3. Fruit is fruit. Whether it is fresh or frozen. Just get it in.

4. Don't graze! It's our worst enemy. Most people do fine with meals making them healthy or somewhat healthy. And we might even eat healthy snacks, but when we graze, we eat when we are hungry, not hungry, tired, depressed, lonely, etc. We eat more than we need to. That's what gets the better of us.

5. I discovered the slow churning icecream. Half the fat.

The splenda, crystal light are not terrible, but still do have some affects on our bodies, so watch the amounts.

Love ya! Good luck! Don't give up fast, because all of us struggle, and some don't even have any kids!

Mary Jane said...

Hey Meg
At Mt. view we're doing the 12 days of Christmas, but I like to refer to it as the 12 lbs of Christmas. You remember those yummy treats in the faculty room?
Well, I think I know the secret about weight loss. You've gotta have protein every time you eat. Never just eat an apple. You need some cheese or peanut butter or turkey or something.
My cousin got me into this personal trainer thing that spells out a diet for you. It's pretty good and I found that I'm not nearly as hungry as I was.
I hope you're doing good.

Beth said...

T.S. commented on your blog!
I'm jealous.


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