Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Premie Pumpkin Party

The hospital where the boys were born invited us to a party for all the babies who spent time in the special care nursery. We packed up the family and headed up for some fun.

All the babies were dressed up in costumes (we had to take ours out of their's though because they were getting so hot!). It was so fun to see some of the other babies who had been in the NICU with our babies and to see how they were all growing and doing so well.

But the best part for us was seeing some of the nurses who had taken such good care of our little babies.

Mary cuddling with Will

We loved Mary because she didn't kick us out when we brought Maggie to see her brothers when she was not yet 2 and the sign said she had to be 3. She just smiled and treated Maggie like a sweet heart. 

Sarah and Will (gosh I guess Will was hogging all the lovies.) Sarah took footprints of the boys and made these little Ute vs. Cougar signs for the boys with their footprints on them. 

Will and Sarah and Camille and Coleman. We loved Camille because she loved our boys. She talked to them and always said the sweetest stuff. She really fought for us to get the boys in the same room because Will used to fall apart when they'd take Cole away from him. Camille was positive and understanding.

Thank you, special care nurses! We love you.


Denae said...

what a wonderfully special thing!

EmmaP said...

how sweet! I'm a little misty-eyed! It's great when people like that LOVE their job and give as much LOVE to your children as they would perhaps their own.

Rachel said...

Nurses can make or break your stay can't they. Hats off to all of the wonderful nurses out there and all that they do for us.

The Willeyes said...

Those nurses are the cream of the crop. It makes such a difference when people truly care and love their jobs. Way to go to those cute growing babies!


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