Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Wrestling: Round 2

Heavy weight (and by heavy weight we mean over 10 pounds) Morgan Clifford came back to the ring to let the feather weight twins know that a punch to the face wouldn't slow him down for long.

After an enjoyable evening sipping Max Cola and eating hot artisan bread, Dan and Christopher prepared the room for a good old infant "smack-down."

Tasha snapped pictures between her giggles while Maggie danced to Eric Hutchinson and showed off how badly she jumps. Dan, Christopher, and I were all business as we held the babies in their corners and refereed the match.

It was hilarious and in the end Morgan was declared the winner after Cole and Will head butted each other and needed to be pulled from the mat to be cuddled by their mother.

A message from the twins: "Till next time, Morgy. We shall be avenged."


Dan said...

Watch out for that Morgan- he's an outlaw, a real Pancho Villa. He will fiercely defend his title.

However, through the military tactics of the great Sun Tzu, my twins will explore and exploit Morgy's weaknesses.

Mmm.. All this talk about Sun Tsu is making me hungry for lunch. I honestly just had a craving for Chinese. Anyone in?

Ems said...

yes! I love that you always post about baby wrestling...I can't wait for the next round.

Megs said...

Dan, your wife would be interested in some chinese food. definitely.

the fellers said...

haha...too fun!

Rachel said...

You guys are a crack up!

Megs said...

Emily, you'll have to come for the next round.

k8 said...

i'm pretty proud to me Morgan's auntie right now. do i see cafe fighter in his future??

Megs said...

Yes K8. He's got serious skillz.


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